What is Morse Toad Messaging?

Who remembers and email or a text?

You could write a card. But aren’t they a bit boring? Do you have time?

Wouldn’t it be great if your message was more special?

After all, the post is an opportunity to surprise someone. Why not make it a surprise to remember?

AH HA! Mr Toad has the solution!!

He has created a brilliant way to message…..in Morse Toad.

With a Morse Toad Message, YOU SUPPLY THE MAGIC.

1. Spell something tasty in chocolate 
2. Include a photo, so they have something to keep 
3. Add a note to say who it’s from.
4. Voila! A tasty letterbox gift that they will definitely love. After all, you made it!

The post needs better surprises. Our mission is to help you create them.