Thank You Chocolates Delivered in the UK

When somebody helped you in your time of need, Morse Toad can help you show how much you appreciate it.

Rather than simply giving somebody a card or flowers, we can deliver a message written in chocolate, which is both touching and tasty!

Flowers and cards can be extremely predictable while text massages are nothing special, but nobody will be expecting our delectable messages!

This sort of gift is also much more memorable and will make someone realise how much you mean to them, without having to spend huge amounts.

By having our chocolates delivered, you can provide a sweet start to anybody’s morning. Rated highly on Trust Spot, we enable you to create a chocolate card made using Belgium chocolate tiles which is delivered to their front door. You can also include a photograph to share the love even more.

What’s behind the name?

Our chocolate tiles are inspired by old printing letterpress blocks, while our boxes are reminiscent of Morse code boxes- hence the name. Meanwhile Toad is actually the name of the business owner’s dog, who you can check out on our About Us page!

All our chocolates are extremely affordable and will put a smile on somebody’s face for less than £15.00.

We always make sure our chocolates are delivered in perfect condition, and they’re well packaged, so they won’t melt in the heat!

Find out more about our Thank You Chocolates today.