Personalised Chocolate Wedding Gift

Heading to an important wedding this summer and want to give the bride and groom something different?

Finding an original wedding gift can be extremely difficult and while you can’t go wrong with chocolate, you might feel it’s not particularly unique; that is until you discover Morse Toad!

With our personalised chocolates from Morse Toad you can easily impress your friends or relatives while standing out from the other guests. Our gifts are fun, highly personalised and sure to make an impression on anybody.

No wedding is complete without chocolate and we’ll make sure it’s presented as memorably as possible!

No matter the occasion, our personalised chocolates could be suitable- whether for birthdays, weddings or anniversaries. You can not only choose the message but include a photograph to make it extra special for your loved-one.

Leap-frog into somebody’s heart with our tasty gifts.

Perfect for not only wedding gifts but favours, name places and much more, our Personalised Chocolates are one of those little details that make the day truly special. They can even be used as highly original wedding invitations or for ‘save the date’ letters.

Made from the finest Belgium chocolate, our chocolate gifts can be personalised with any message you like, whether it’s a declaration of love, somebody’s name or a humorous pun.

Our chocolates are also brilliant for cake decorations, if you’re in charge of perfecting a wedding cake.

Find out more about our gorgeous wedding gifts today.