A Toady Tale

Morse Toad is transforming the gestures we send in the post. In today's world of instant and forgettable digital communication, the post is an increasingly awesome way to communicate for those special occasions. But let's face it, cards are boring. They taste bad, they take too long, and they don't look great on a cake.
That's why we've built Morse Toad's deliciously personalised messaging service, a tool that allows you to communicate via the medium of chocolate and photography. From any device, just type a chocolate message, take a photo or use one from social, and send. We'll deliver your gift through any letterbox in 1-2 days.
Unlike the chocolate which will disappear, our wallet-sized card inserts can be treasured for evermore.

Some things are better said in a text, but most things are better said in chocolate!

Make sure their morning post contains a proper surprise. You can't eat a card, but you can eat our irresistible chocolate messages. 

Some things are better said in chocolate

Our Story

Morse Toad was born from a package, posted from London, via Sudan, Kenya, eventually arriving in South Africa 4 months later. With such a heroic journey, you'd expect this delivery to contain diplomatic documents, valuable items or an important letter. But no, this package contained chocolate. A humble gesture from a mother to her son, one of moral support and love.

Its arrival spawned an idea, the thought that the best gestures are those that arrive in the post. Who remembers emails? Who saves text messages? Who eats cards?

Returning to the UK some years later, Dicky Broadhurst (creator and chief chocolate wordsmith) set about creating individual chocolate letters. With morse code the inspiration for the name, he used letterpress blocks as inspiration for the chocolate pieces. As a final touch, he used a famous quote from a great statesman of that era to adorn the boxes (hidden in the morse code).

Finally he built the option of including a printed photograph with an additional message on the back. He wanted to create something that recipients could keep long after the chocolates had disappeared, so he designed a card that could fit in a wallet. From a wedding or new baby, to a treasured memory between two people, a photograph can be the ultimate memory.

Morse Toad's mission is to provide you with a delicious way to make extraordinary gestures. We hope you love our chocolate messages. Do let us know what you think.

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