Morse Toad And Cancer Research

cancer research uk

Morse Toad is conducting a social enterprise experiment. We want to use chocolate as a tool to raise money for charity.

Our products make excellent hospital gifts. However, we have often received feedback from people saying they feel a bit helpless when their loved ones are ill. They want to make a gesture of support which is why they send chocolate, but they would like to do more to help.

This got us thinking that perhaps we could use our chocolate to fundraise. As a result, we partnered up with Cancer Research UK to help them raise money for their cause.

With all the products listed on our charity page, it is possible for customers to donate up to £50 towards Cancer Research. Morse Toad will then contribute the following:

  • £5 - 5% of the product price
  • £10 - 10% of the product price
  • £20 - 15% of the product price
  • £30 - 20% of the product price
  • £40 - 20% of the product price
  • £50 - 20% of the product price

We welcome any feedback on our idea. If you would like for your charity to be incorporated into our fundraising, don't hesitate to get in touch.