A Toady Tale - How Morse Toad Saved Us From Boring Post

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Morse Toad: A Story

Once upon a time, there was a toad called Mr Toad (bear with us).

He was sad.

He was sad because nobody messaged him anymore in a way that made him smile. 

All day long his phone would beep and his laptop would ding. He longed for a message that was a bit mor exciting.

Even the world of romance had been simplified down to a basic hand gesture swiped from right to left. Cupid gave up his bow for a tech company!

In the good old days, when the post was the only way to communicate, people wrote letters. They sent deliveries packed full of thought and excitement. 

Then there was the delay as this actual physical thing made its way to the recipient, assisted by an army of characters dressed in red.

Anticipation is not a trait modern technology caters for. 

Finally, the surprise!

'A parcel! For me!'

I mean. Mr Toad got excited about his own Amazon deliveries, so a delivery from someone else. Well, that has to be good!

So one day, after so many dings and beeps he almost croaked, he shouted,

'I've had enough of texts and emails! I'm going make messaging exciting again'. 

And so Morse Toad was born, a messaging service that promises to deliver exciting personal gifts to letterboxes everywhere. 

personalised chocolate

  • Inspired by old printing letterpress blocks, Mr Toad built a chocolate alphabet.
  • He created a box covered with a Morse code message. The translation: "Many times I've had to eat my words and I've found them quite agreeable." Winston Churchill.
  • Finally, he added a card so people could say who it's from. 

Mr Toad hatched his plan in his Mum's basement. But it turns out, he wasn't the only one who thought messaging could be more exciting, and soon he was able to move to his current pond in Lymington, New Forest. 

Soon he'd added a bigger box, so folks could say more nice stuff.

Then, the cherry on the cake, he added a photo to go with the chocolates.

Photos are memories, and memories are nice to keep.

photo gifts

And gradually, the world became a much more exciting place to be. The postman was no longer chased away by the dog. People adjusted from dreading the post and the bills, to actually looking forward to it. The sun seemed to shine more, people said hello in the streets and a good feeling spread throughout the land.

Mr Toad and his merry friends lived happily ever after.

The End.

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Morse Toad's mission is to make messaging more exciting.

You may not know this yet, but chocolate is the BEST way to communicate.

Let's face it, communication can be hard sometimes. But when chocolate's involved, suddenly it becomes a whole lot easier.

  • Know someone at work who needs a friendly push to take more showers?  An anonymous chocolate delivery might make it happen.
  • Need to say you're sorry, but find it hard? Chocolate might of guarantee forgiveness (depending on how bad you were).
  • Do you need to quit your job? That's a hard conversation to have, or is it?
  • Need to ask a girl out? Every girl loves a surprise delivery.

Some things are better said in chocolate


PPS. This is Mr Toad (aka. Dicky)

personalised chocolate

Only joking. This is Mr Toad.

Dicky Broadhurst: Founder Of Morse Toad