Chocolate Treasure Hunt - Outdoor


Need to entertain the kids this Easter? Try our all-chocolate Easter treasure hunt including free delivery. All you need to do is place each of the 8 clues around the garden. Each clue is made from chocolate. All you need to do is pop the clues around the house and you're all set. 

Play your own word game with the chocolate letters. Who says chocolate can't be educational?

  • 1 prize box of chocolates with the message ‘Chocolate Treasure’
  • 8 chocolate clues
  • a set of instructions
Age Range:

3-6 years of age

Additional games
  • Play your own chocolate hangman. Come up with a word, then get two teams to guess each letter. If they get a letter right, they get another go. If they don’t, the second team gets a go. The winning team gets to eat the chocolate word.
  • Put all the chocolate letters on the table, and get every player to spell their name.
  • Play Unscramble. Create a word. Mix up the order. Shorter words will be simpler to guess. Give clues to help the game, or offer the first letter of the word.
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