Digital Is Sucking All The Surprise Out Of Life

Morse Toad is from another time, another era. A time when messages were carried by pigeons, letters were sealed with wax, and people communicated with flags, lamps or even that mesmerising code of the morse variety. And in those days, our irrepressible postal service was dedicated to sending all manner of communications: the sweet nothings between lovers, the drawn out communiqués between idle bourgeoisie, and of course the much-anticipated package, it’s unknown contents a delicious feast of expectation. It was so romantic! It was so exciting!

The Digital Drudgeryletterbox gifts

Today we are modern! Today we are advanced! Today we are servants to our charmless digital existence! All our communication is instant, and utterly meaningless. Just another beep amongst millions. We’ve traded all that was thrilling for an interface with a thumbs up on it. God forbid you might receive the full words ‘Happy Birthday’. For all the effort it took you to achieve your collection of years, is it too much to ask for even the smallest surprise on your big day? Where’s the celebration? Where’s the love? It’s a scandal! OMG! We are all doomed to suffer at the hands of empty acronyms.

We All Love Surprises

But we can all appreciate the moment something unknown and parcel shaped drops to the floor.

What is it? Who is it from? Is it for me? Imagination is at the heart of every great delivery, and nothing brings out your childlike glee more than a surprise.

Imagination is at the heart of every great delivery, and nothing brings out your childlike glee more than a surprise.

"The suspense is terrible. I hope it will last." Roald Dahl/Willy Wonka

Morse Toad is making a stand against digital communication. The postal service is now 'THE SURPRISE SERVICE'. Our mission is to give people another option to digital, an option that will make people happy and put a massive smile on their face. Unlike digital, we hope to bring people together.

  • Say no a facebook like! Say yes to a personalised chocolate Happy Birthday!
  • Say no to a vacant email! Say yes to a surprise photo gift!
  • Say no to confirming your love via text message! Say yes to a surprise chocolate confession of never-ending love!

surprise deliveryA Service For Surprises

With Morse Toad, you can create your own surprise gift. Write something in delicious Belgian chocolate. Add a photo that can be kept and treasured forever. Finish with a note to say whom it’s from. Then sit back and savour the anticipation as you send your surprise on its way.

Because if we can't eat our ‘I Love You’ messages then frankly there is no 'love', and we are doomed to a grey world of beeps and pings that will extract all that was once joyful in the world.personalised chocolate

Mr Toad (aka Dicky)

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