The Best Wedding Favour Ideas!

The toads have been kissed and the prince has been found. Congratulations to both of you! The carat, cut and clarity have suitably impressed the family and the pre-wedding build up may commence…for the next two years!!! Since the big announcement, you may have turned into a “pinning fool”! Pinterest - how betrothed couples now plan every inch of their big day! No romantic pinking sheared edged magazine cut outs here please… A wedding checklist is lengthy, the cake, the dress and reaching the high bar of expectation set by your friends! Yet what about the details, for that’s where the devil lies…
wedding favour fanBomboniere ….!
Old new, borrowed and blue…weddings come with many traditions, including the small detail of wedding favours. But is the metaphorical sweetness represented by a netted bag of sugared almonds tradition…or is it just a little old fashioned? Would a pink netted bag of chocolate limes not offer the same appeal? And we know your guest list was extensive….but five almonds, really?  Ok, here is the thing you might be missing on this one, the five almond thing is actually symbolic….Each one represents something different, health, happiness, wealth, fertility and long life…. However if scrapbooking your way through social media has taught you one thing…it is to think outside the box. Find your own wedding favour ideas here.
Barn Wedding
Increasingly popular, the barn wedding is usually enjoyed by city types. The types who normally never set foot inside the great outdoors but nod to the theme with a Vera Wang dress paired with Hunter wellies! Ideas for unique wedding favours? Bespoke fans…even if they are just used for wafting the rich farmyard smells! wedding_favour_final-crop
Pinterest Wedding
Currently of the pastel-hued variety and finished with bunting. Bring something of your own to the table..literally! Check out these personalised wedding chocolates, a perfect little treat to delight your guests.
Boho Hipstery Wedding!
If you are not sure whether you have attended such a wedding, it is the type where the men sport beards, the ladies are flower wearing and the chairs are all mismatched! Perfect wedding favours include …more flowers or little pots of honey and jam.honey wedding favour Whatever your own particular wedding hashtag may be, make sure you avoid an identikit celebration by carefully selecting bespoke decorations. The decisions to be made can seem endless, the cake, the flowers, the flowers on the cake….Relax, take time and enjoy! After all this is the happiest day of your life. For a bit more inspiration on how we can help with your wedding, or if you know someone who has just got engaged, check out our dedicated wedding page.

Alternatively, you can see some inspiration over at Letterpress, or try and create your own.

Check out our personalised chocolate wedding favours and place names.

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