Morse Toad Features In Virgin's 'Strong Startup Brand' Piece

We're proud to be featured today on none other than We contributed to a piece about building a strong brand.

Morse Toad is a modern day take on a traditional form of communication (Morse Code), which inspired the name. The name also takes inspiration from Mr Toad of Toad Hall (Wind in The Willows) and from Roald Dahl, a man whose delight in chocolate new no bounds.

As a business supported by Virgin StartUp's, we are proud to have worked with such a renowned brand. We ship a large number of prizes to their winners on the new Virgin Red App and have delivered a number of chocolate staff gifts as well.

With Morse Toad, you can write your own message in chocolate, and include a photo or logo to the card insert. If you're interested in creating prizes for your customers, or perhaps a gift to reward your staff for their hard work. Don't hesitate to get in touch at

Alternatively, you can order directly either creating your own or by customising one of our existing products.

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Mr Toad (aka Dicky)

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