Five EASY Awesome Gifts You Can Make in Five Minutes

5 easy gifts to make

Five EASY Awesome Crafts GIFTS

You Can Make In Five Minutes

We all love showing off our artistic side from time to time. For some of us, ‘time to time’ means ‘every single chance you get’. But for most of us, as appealing and tantalizing as the thought of having a beautiful bunch of crafts and projects might be, finding the time to do them can be almost impossible. Or at least it was before you read this article.

These easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy crafts shouldn’t take you more than five minutes to do, and will leave your guests awestruck at your impressively mighty creative prowess. As an added bonus, most of these would make for amazingly stellar gifts!

Make Your Own Themed Dry Erase Board

Whether you’d like an erasable calendar, a unique to-do list, or just some reusable writing space, these three-step dry erase boards are the craft for you. That’s right, just three steps!

Step one – Buy/Select a Picture frame

Most dollar stores these days carry picture frames, but they tend to be on the smaller side. The bigger the picture frame you use, the bigger your dry erase board will be. Second hand stores, garage sales, and your basement are other great places to check.

Step two – Pick your background

Your background will be permanent, so choose wisely! If you want a header or a title for your dry erase board, this is the time to decide what it will be. Once you’ve made a decision, write, draw, or print out your choice on a piece of paper the right size for your picture frame.

Step three – Put the paper in the frame

And that’s it, you’re done! Any dry erase, chalk, or grease markers will write on the glass of your picture frame and be able to be wiped away using tissue, cloth, or a napkin. If you get tired of your background, you can always print a new one and replace it. You can also get it here.


Make a Kid-Friendly Shoebox Projector

smartphone projector

By ‘Kid-friendly’, I pretty much mean that it’s totally okay if they destroy it – because let’s be honest, they probably will.

Step one – Magnifying glass (Cut a hole in the box)

To make this craft, you’ll need a magnifying glass. Where can you get one? The dollar store will probably be the place to start looking, but once again yardsales, thriftshops, and basements are great places to look too. The bigger the magnifying glass you find, the bigger the projection screen will be.

Once you’ve got the hole cut out, tape the magnifying glass to the outside of the box covering the hole.

Step two – Positioning (Put your phone in that box)

Put an image or play a video on your smartphone, and put it inside the shoebox with the screen facing towards the magnifying glass. Turn the lights out, and point the box at a flat surface such as a wall or a hanging sheet. Adjust the placement of your phone inside the box until you get an image you’re satisfied with, then use a paperweight to prop your phone up in place.

Step three – Play a show in that box

And that’s the way you do it! Once you’ve got your phone properly positioned and your projection surface set up, break out the popcorn and revel in the glory that is your very own personal movie theater!

Make Your Own Personalized Mugs to Keep or to Give!

sharpie mugs

Don’t pay for great mugs ever again, just make them yourself! Admittedly the baking process for this craft takes about 20 minutes, but the fun crafty aspects can be done in five minutes. The results are totally worth the time, trust me.

Step one – Acquire mugs

It doesn’t matter if you buy a new mug just for the occasion or use a mug you’ve got laying around. Just make sure you wash and dry the mug before hand.

Step two – Draw, partner

Using Sharpies or other permanent markers, write your name, draw a little rainbow, put an inspirational quote – it’s totally up to you! Just remember that these are in fact permanent markers, mistakes are not terribly easy to correct.

Step three – Bake it

Put the mugs in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Let them cool completely before using them, and voila! Practically instant custom mugs.

Make Your Own Phone Case With a Glue Gun

diy phone case

With an ordinary glue gun, some parchament paper, and a little bravery, you can make a killer phone case that fits your phone perfectly. Since you’re working with glue, you can add almost anything you want to this project, from glitter to steampunk-ish bits of scrap to a keychain holder.

Step one – Wrap your phone

Wrap the parchament paper around your phone as tightly as you possibly can and tape it closed. Mark any buttons, ports, or speakers – you will not want to be covering those.

Step two – Make your design

Use a pencil to draw what you want your case to look like. Be creative with your design, but remember that it has to be at least a little bit structurally sound or the whole thing is likely to fall apart.

Step threeMake your design

With your design in mind, take your hot glue gun and trace the drawing that you made on the parchament paper. You’re probably going to want to have your phone turned off, and definitely avoid working on the screen portion of your phone. Let the glue solifidy, peel it off your phone, and voila! A custom phone case. Paint, bedazzle, or otherwise decorate it however you’d like, and slap it on your phone.

Mason Jar Snowglobe

diy snowglobe

I just can’t get enough quirky mason jar crafts and projects. The durable nature of the jars means that these crazy cool snowglobes should be around for a while, and a simple lid change will change the setting of your underwater diorama!

Step one – Make your scene

Take the lid of your mason jar and flip it upside down. Using the base of the jar as the floor of your scene, create whatever wacky scenario you’d like. A snowman, a confused looking action figure, a toy car – pretty much whatever you want. Secure your objects to the lid with super glue or a glue gun, and let dry.

Step two – Acquire glitter

Any craft supply store should have an ample variety of glitters and glisteny things for you to choose from. When you’ve made your selection, bring it home and pour some into the mason jar itself. Fill the mason jar with water, and give it a swirl to see if it glitters to your liking. Not sparkly enough? Add more glitter!

Step three – Shake it up

Once you’re satisfied with your scene and the level of glitter in the water, securely (make that very securely) fasten the lid back onto the mason jar, turn it upside down, and voila! A beautiful snow globe depicting whatever scene you chose.



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That brings us to the end of today’s article. Have any more great easy craft ideas? Let us know about them in the comment section below.

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