20 Great Puns By A Toad That Enjoys A Pun

personalised chocolate cardMorse Toad
is a pun. Yes, we're a messaging service and it is from Morse Code that we derive our name. 

In honour of this fact, we have collected a collection of our favourite toad related puns.

1. What do you get when you stack toads together?  A toadempole.

2. What goes dot-dot-croak, dot-dash-croak? Morse Toad! (YES!!!!!!)

3. When is a car like a frog? When it's being toad.

4. What's a toad's favourite ballet? Swamp Lake.

5. What is a frog's favorite kind of music? Hip-Hop!

6. What does a frog say when it sees something great? Toadly awesome!

7. How do frogs make beer? Like everybody else. They start with some hops...british toad

8. What do you get when you plant a frog? A cr-oak tree.

9. What do you say to a hitchhiking frog? Hop in.

10. What is a frog's favorite game? Croaket

11. Why are frogs such liars? Because they are amFIBians

12. What's a toads favorite sweet? Lollihops! toad art

13. You remember the thing that you TOAD me?I FROGOT it!

14. What planet would a space frog live? Plutoad

15. A Punny toad, can get a crowd hopping!

16. Why are toads so happy? They eat anything that bugs them!

17. I tell too many puns... Or so I've been TOAD. 

18. Some of our puns are just un-FROG-gettable 

19. Why did the frog make so many mistakes? It jumped to the wrong conclusions.

20. Where does the frog borrow money? From the river bank.

HIP HOP HOORAY!  If that has tickled your funny bone, check out our collections dedicated to doing the same.

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Thank you and good night!toad eye


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Mr Toad (aka Dicky)

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