5 Brilliant Ways People Used Photos With Their Chocolate Gifts

1. Bridesmaid Invitations

The best thing about weddings is that they bring everyone together, and each event along the way is as exciting as the next. Asking your best friend to be your bridesmaid.....that's an event in itself! 

Many brides-to-be take their favourite photo of them and their friend or family member and add it to the their personalised chocolate. There's asking someone to be your maid of honour, and then there's asking in chocolate!

2. New baby pictures

We all know Facebook is the realm of the new baby photo, but imagine sending a personalised chocolate present saying 'Hooray It's A Boy/Girl' to your parents or grandparents, and combining it with a picture of the newborn.

The other option is to send it to the new parents as a congratulation gift. One new dad reported back that it was the first printed image they saw of their new baby, which brought him to tears.

3. Birthday banter

 The internet is a veritable gold mine of funny photos, and our customers repeatedly take advantage of this fact. What's an edible birthday card without a meme of a funny dog or Obama high-fiving a chicken (we think this dog looks like ET?)

4. Gifts for the family, from the family

The best thing about birthdays are the surprises right? One customer wrote in chocolate 'your first driving lesson' and then had a picture of their new car. That one got massive kudos in the Morse Toad camp. Imagine their face when they saw the small box, then realised they had actually got a car.

5. Romance - well kind of

One of the most common uses of photographs in our personalised gifts is between couples...especially pet names. I'll leave this one for you to work out.hamster personalised chocolate gift

5. Business gifts

Ok, so business gifts sounds dry. We can't think of a word to make it sound less so (corporate gifts?), but hey, business is business as they say. You may as well make it fun. Our customers are no exception. One Christmas gift we made contained a picture of every team member giving it their best Christmas grin. You can include a picture of the whole team, or your logo, or maybe just David Brent.

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