How To Be A Romantic Like Cupid Himself

8 ways to do something different this Valentine's
  1.      Surprises

Everyone knows Valentine’s is coming, so where’s the surprise? Wrong! Surprises are easy!

  • Hide a note or a present
  • Change plans halfway through the day
  • Plan for a taxi to arrive unexpectedly, ready to whisk you away.

Even the smallest thing can add a huge amount of excitement. The key to surprise is smoke and mirrors. Say you’re having a quiet night in just the two of you, or you’re ‘just giving cards’ this year. Say anything, provided it’s dull and unimaginative so the surprise is all the more special.

  1.     Make Something

Jelly heart Instructables or Pinterest is a wealth of creative ideas. All you have to do is follow the instructions, you can claim to be a creative genius, and your love will have something to treasure ( a jelly heart may be too much though).

  1.     Get active

Become a tourist! When was the last time you went up Big Ben, or visited Madame Tussauds? A picture of you and wax Obama = priceless! Even with no budget, simply planning a day full of activities will go down a storm.Big ben

  1.     Increase the present list

Ok so we’re not saying break the bank on expensive things, but after one present is given, the assumption will be that that’s the end of it, so any additional presents will be a total surprise, and on Valentine's Day, surprises are good. It’s a quantity vs. quality thing. Do you save the best present till last? Well that’s up to you.

  1.    Pampering

This is tried and tested. Book a spa day (maybe for two) and dedicate the time to some serious RnR. Nothing says ‘I love you’ better than a bath of mud and cucumber on your face.Mud bath

  1. Bake

The Great British Bake Off informed us all about the amazing qualities of a well formed Victoria Sponge, especially if it’s heart shaped. Any form of culinary creation is generally a winner, but the best thing about a cake is that you can decorate it, so regardless of how bad it is, you can cover it in hearts and little messages of love.

  1.     Get away

If you’ve got the time, money and freedom, stretch your Valentine’s Day into a Valentine’s weekend away at a romantic resort far away or bed-and-breakfast nearby. Adopt suggestion number 1 to make it special. Is there anything better than a surprise holiday to the beach?

  1.     Do something different

Sometimes it’s easy to do the same things over and over. Why not push the boat out? Go to a gig, grab some comedy tickets, or dress up as Chewbacca and head off to the local Star Wars convention. Ok that last one’s fairly extreme, but we’ve always wanted to know what happens at those wars

  1.     Take a course

Learn something new. If there is anything more invigorating than getting stuck into a sushi and cocktail evening, we’d like to know about it. Then again, it was a cocktail evening. But anyway, there is a lot to be said for knowing your Claret from your Beaujolais, or understanding the finer points of how to whittle a spoon. The more there is to talk about at work on Monday, the better.

  1.     Leave love notes

You can leave secret notes around the house. This is a good idea. Or take it further. Engage your comic skills and use objects around the house to create love ‘pun’ notes (‘I sink I love you’). Better still, a treasure hunt. You don’t need to be 10 to enjoy one of those, especially if there are treats or presents at the end of each clue.

  1.     A candle-lit dinner for two - adventure style!
A homemade candle-lit dinner for two is all well and good, but let’s face it, it doesn’t win the imagination prize. Why not mix it up? It’s amazing what you can do with a table and a set of candles. Think of the most scenic place you know, then travel there beforehand and hide a small table, two chairs, plates, utensils, a tablecloth, a flower in a vase and some top notch booze and something to drink it from. Ps. Rugs, and jumpers would be wise also. Working out the hot/cold food challenge relies on your own ingenuity, but the power of moon, the stars and mother nature herself to make the experience extra special means that he or she will probably be happy with really good nibbles and something liquid with bubbles in it.outdoor dinner

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