Why A Personalised Gift Will Let Them Know They’re Special!

It’s no secret. These days you can personalise almost everything and it’s easy to see why. A gift embellished with a personal message, a name or a memory marks it as special in the recipients eye. The gift will forever be known and remembered by the recipient, something a non personalised gift may not.

Moreover, a personalised gift is a great way to let someone know they’re special. It takes some extra thought and effort, but the impact can be huge. The recipient knows that the giver has gone to the extra effort to personalise the gift and create something unique to the recipient, and that makes it special. 


Personalised gifts

Personaliised gifts are perfect for important special occasions. There are significant moments I’m people’s lives that should be celebrated, such an an anniversary, a new baby or an engagement. With moment’s like these, adding some personalisation is a great way to mark the occasion. Whether it’s a photo of the person in question, or an engraving to mark the date, that touch of uniqueness lets the recipient know how special they are. Anyone can go to the shops and buy a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates. 

Personalisation isn’t new. From bespoke swords and broaches, to flags of noblemen and exquisite embroidery, personalisation was an important part of stamping ownership on precious items. These days personalisation has morphed to represent more than ownership, it can signify connection with another person. When you send a framed photo of the two of you to your best friend, your friend will always be reminded of that special memory, and that special person. 

personalised chocolate

A photo may seem like an obvious example, but the same concept can be applied to almost anything. Imagine a park bench with names carved into it. Forever more, that bench can signify something more than somewhere to sit. It can be a symbol of those two people sitting together in a favourite place, as if passing on the message that this was a place and activity that they enjoyed. They are sharing the gift of togetherness, as well as the gift of somewhere to sit. 

The ideas don’t stop there. What if your social person loves to spend time in the garden. A personalised plant pot signifies your close relationship with them, and serves as a reminder every time they set foot in the garden.

Customised gifts are becoming increasingly imaginative and sophisticated. Here are some of our favourite personalised git ideas. 

One of the most special gift ideas for someone really close to you is personalised jewellery. Engrave the name or a date so that they can wear it close to their heart every day.
personalised gifts
personalised gift ideas

Photographs are always a special way to commemorate a friendship or family moment. There are thousands of options when it comes to how to present photos, but we like the original ideas, like photos on a cushion, a ceramic tile or as part of memory box. 

These days you can personalise a book. Choose the name of the person who the book is for, and that person then gets to be the lead character in the story. 

Clothing is a simple way to make something special. Personalise a dressing gown with initials or a statement, so that every time they’re lounging around the house then can look their best. 

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If you’re looking for a smaller gift, why not send a message in chocolate. Tastier than a card, it’s a simple affordable way to make someone smile. You can even include a photo with the gift to commemorate a special occasion. 

A tried and tested gift is to personalise a household item. Whether it’s a chopping board ,a picture frame or even some glasses, it’s a really nice way to make an otherwise mundane item so much more special. 

Personalisation doesn’t necessarily mean engraving or embossing. You can even bring together a selection of gifts that you know that person will love. When you make an effort like this, the level of thought and care will go a huge way in letting someone know they’re special. 

personalised gifts
personalised gift

One of our favourite gift ideas is a bespoke soft toy made from a child’s drawing. Whoever thought of this is clearly inspired, and the results will bring a huge smile of both pride and joy to the child who made it. Arguably it will be the first physical thing they ever made, and that makes it incredibly special. 

Wall art doesn’t have to be a picture on the wall. You could go all out with a selection of tiles to revolutionise your friends wall with a whole selection of memories to hang from the wall. With Morse Toad, you can send a message in chocolate and photo wall hanging, all in one brilliant gift. 

The original personal gift is to write someone a letter, or perhaps a card. But these days, who has time to write a letter? Luckily there are a number of online options where you can create something personal and special in moments, but the impact of receiving something bespoke will still be the same. With Morse Toad, you can create a personal gift in moments from chocolate and a photograph. 
The great thing about these smaller more affordable personalised gift options is that they can be sent for all kinds of special moments. Maybe your nephew has graduated, or your daughter has bought a new house. Perhaps you have made a mistake and need to apologise, or you have maybe you want to offer some moral support in the run up to some big exams. Morse Toad’s personalised chocolates are an excellent way to let someone know you are thinking of them when they are poorly, as the boxes can be sent to the hospital unlike flowers, and are sure to lift their spirits. 


personalised chocolate

Personalised gifts aren’t just for friends and family, they’re also an excellent solution in business. If you want your marketing message to stand out amongst the crowd, then what better way than with a personal gift. Perhaps your business relies on referrals and repeat business. Morse Toad’s chocolates are an excellent and affordable personalised business gift to let your clients know you really appreciate their business. 

Gift personalisation is a great way to add something invaluable so that you can let the special people in your lives know that you care about them.


personalised chocolate

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When a text and an email won't cut it, the post is an awesome way to send a message. But let’s face it, cards are boring. They taste bad, they take too long, and they don’t look great on a cake. That’s why we built Morse Toad’s chocolate messaging service. Just visit the site, write something tasty in chocolate, then import a photo from your phone or instagram to be printed on the card insert. Unlike the chocolate (which will disappear in a flash), our wallet-sized card inserts can be kept, so that the photo and message can be kept forever.

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