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Nothing makes people smile quite like a good photo... except perhaps chocolate, and here at Morse Toad, our Personalised Gifts deliver both! Queue... 

In a year like no other, Christmas 2020 is all about staying connected- no matter how far apart we may actually be! Sending an edible letter & a framed-photo gift in-one, our 'Selfie 4 Their Sheflie' Chocolate Gifts give loved ones with something to keep, and something to eat- in one fell swoop!

putting the words into their mouth...

From cheery and cheeky, to sentimental and sweet - we convert your messages into premium Belgian chocolate letters! Sent alongside a personalised note, thoughtful gift-givers can surprise and delight friends & family with Christmas card & festive treat in-one!

 We've covered something to eat... so now to the something to keep part!


With a quick 'click', to upload your selfie (or pic of your choice), your photo is turned into a framed lid, so that when the happy recipient has enjoyed their edible letter, they can then place your face in pride of place on a 'shelfie' or wall!

Lockdown or not, we are still celebrating special occasions, sharing a bit of friendly banter, and looking forward to new adventures! Our Selfie 4 Their Shelfie Gift Boxes are a great way of staying connected- especially in the countdown to Christmas. If you need a bit of inspiration for your messages, here are some of our favourites:

  • Every new mum needs lots of chocolate!
  • He finally put a ring on it!
  • In case you get coal
  • Counting down to cuddle you
  • Save in case of isolation
  • To beat the Boxing Day blues
  • Here's a backup Christmas dinner!
  • Open in case of emergency
  • Will you share with Santa?

To celebrate sharing selfies & smiles, in all their glory, we are running our BIG 'Selfie 4 Their Shelfie' Cash Giveaway! Click here to find out more & enter, + take a peek at our Shelfie of Fame!

Here's to eating, drinking and being merry this Christmas, 

From all of the team at Morse Toad!


Dicky Broadhurst

When a text and an email won't cut it, the post is an awesome way to send a message. But let’s face it, cards are boring. They taste bad, they take too long, and they don’t look great on a cake. That’s why we built Morse Toad’s chocolate messaging service. Just visit the site, write something tasty in chocolate, then import a photo from your phone or instagram to be printed on the card insert. Unlike the chocolate (which will disappear in a flash), our wallet-sized card inserts can be kept, so that the photo and message can be kept forever.  Next time you want to send a special message, make sure it's delivered in  personalised chocolate .

Personalised Chocolate | Morse Toad

Morse Toad takes your words, turns them into delicious chocolate, and delivers them to whoever you like. Why? Because greeting cards taste terrible. Our mission is to revolutionise how we send messages. With digital communication being fast but forgettable, and cards being thoughtful but slow and unexciting, we aim to strike a balance by providing a service that is as quick as digital, and infinitely more memorable and delicious than a card. 

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