How to Boss Your Corporate Gifting this Christmas!

Bossing Your Corporate Gifting

As we get used to life in lockdown part 2.0, there has never been a better time to get personal with you staff & suppliers to show your appreciation!

With many of us working remotely, we wanted to share a unique way of staying connected this Christmas- sending the people who help make your business great, a delicious message to remember...

Perfect for 'bossing' your corporate gifting in 2020; with your logo/design printed on the front of the card, our Chocolate Cards pack a delicious punch - greeting recipients with a thoughtful message & gift in one. 

NEW IN... we are also very excited to offer you the added option of embossing your logo onto the chocolate - taking personalisation to a new palatable high!  

Hungry to find out more?!

With no order too big or small, our unique business gifts are sent in trackable & letterbox-friendly packages; guaranteeing our delicious deliveries are safely received (with no-hassle!) by your recipients.

- Dependant on quantity, prices per unit are between £7.05 - £10.25 before delivery

- Got multiple recipients? No problem. Just paste them into our spreadsheet and send it over.

- Individual delivery is £2.95 Bulk delivery costs will be quoted for you

- Your own chocolate design will cost £195 All prices above include VAT

In just a few simple clicks, we can help you turn your Christmas message into a veritable festive feast!

Please call us on: 01590 677480 to find out more about our Personalised Chocolate Cards, or browse our range of Corporate Gifts online.


Dicky Broadhurst

When a text and an email won't cut it, the post is an awesome way to send a message. But let’s face it, cards are boring. They taste bad, they take too long, and they don’t look great on a cake. That’s why we built Morse Toad’s chocolate messaging service. Just visit the site, write something tasty in chocolate, then import a photo from your phone or instagram to be printed on the card insert. Unlike the chocolate (which will disappear in a flash), our wallet-sized card inserts can be kept, so that the photo and message can be kept forever.  Next time you want to send a special message, make sure it's delivered in  personalised chocolate .

Personalised Chocolate | Morse Toad

Morse Toad takes your words, turns them into delicious chocolate, and delivers them to whoever you like. Why? Because greeting cards taste terrible. Our mission is to revolutionise how we send messages. With digital communication being fast but forgettable, and cards being thoughtful but slow and unexciting, we aim to strike a balance by providing a service that is as quick as digital, and infinitely more memorable and delicious than a card. 

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