Coffee or Chocolate: Could You Give Either Up? 

Ahh, coffee and chocolate! Two of life's great pleasures! Both are derived from magical beans. The only other contender might be Jack’s beans of beanstalk fame, but in our view, no quantity of golden eggs is worth being relentlessly pursued by a violent bloodthirsty giant.

coffee or chocolate

These two wondrous gifts from above are what get us through every day.

If chocolate is our pleasure, then coffee is our daily fuel. It dominates much of our day. So much so, it’s a wonder we didn’t set up a personalised coffee business instead.

Why can’t you choose the type of coffee you want, and then make it your own with a compelling name and have it delivered through your letterbox? If you want your coffee so strong that one eye is permanently wrenched open, you should be able to create it, and then name your brew ‘Copin’ With One Eye Open’!

eight point nineWell, it just so happens this concept exists. Our friends over at Eight Point Nine are specialists not just in coffee, but how to tailor coffee to your exact requirements. From the long lost bean from the inner ruins of a Mayan temple (our idea of what coffee Indiana Jones drinks) to a complex African jungle blend (if you resemble King Louie from The Jungle Book), they can create a blend that may just the sustenance you need to help you function at 7am.

The fact is, we live in a world where we are beholden to the whims of big corporations, and that’s just not on.

Whilst discussing with our friends at Eight Point Nine the merits of customisation, the topic naturally turned to which was better (the inner competitive schoolboy never really leaves).

We discovered the best way to answer this question was to ask:

Which could you give up: coffee or chocolate?

you are wise like an owlTHE CASE FOR CHOCOLATE

Chocolate was considered a gift from the Gods by the Aztecs. And so it is. Developed into countless different flavours to suit every taste bud, chocolate is the ultimate indulgent treat. 95% of us eat chocolate on a regular basis, with over 50% eating it every day.
Here’s why:

  • It’s immeasurably delicious
  • It’s full of excellent mood-boosting qualities. It makes us happy.
  • It’s a great way to make friends
  • It’s a gift that everyone enjoys


Coffee: the great revitaliser, the legendary awakener, the trigger for harmonious conversation.

During the 17th and 18th Centuries, coffee houses were known as 'penny universities' so popular were they as forums for debate about politics, science and current affairs.

eight point nineThe coffee was turgid stuff back then! These days, we have a vast array of tastes and limitless blending varieties; there's a coffee for everyone.

  • It keeps us stimulated. Caffeine opens up the blood cells, which allows blood to reach whatever you need at the time, from your brain to your muscles
  • It tastes great
  • It serves as a social lubricant. The boardroom is slowly gravitating to the coffee house.
  • It facilitates all manner of human activities. Did Einstein have a coffee before he cracked E=MC2? We don’t know, but he might have.

It's time to mocha decision

It's a tough call, eh?personalised chocolate

Here at Morse Toad, we’ve simplified the decision down to an emotional state: one makes us happy whereas one keeps us stimulated.

Eight Point Nine have concluded one is a nice-to-have whilst one is a must have.

What’s your view?

Jot down your thoughts in the comments section below.

Ps. No one should have to make this decision in real life, so this month we’re including an offer from Eight Point Nine in all of our boxes, so you can have customised chocolate and coffee delivered through your letterbox.

eight point nine


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