Thank You Gifts for NHS Staff & Frontline Workers

Thank You Gifts for NHS Staff

In a year that has never made it clearer than ever how lucky we are to have the NHS, we wanted to say a heartfelt thank you by creating a special thank you gift for NHS nurses, doctors and frontline workers.

Dealing with unimaginably difficult situations, and facing the cruel reality of what is going on in the UK right now, we hope that our edible letters will send a delicious reminder that we are all thinking of them, and are so thankful and appreciative of the work that they are doing!!


We are thrilled to be offering 30% off every Thank You NHS Gift sent out– valid until the very last vaccination has been given out!

So, if you know a doctor, nurse or someone behind-the-scenes who makes up part of our fantastic NHS team, please click here to send your thanks and enjoy 30% off from us.

With the ability to personalise your thank you present by adding a special message to your healthcare hero, we’ll deliver your edible letter straight through their letterbox – so it’s guaranteed to greet them after a long shift and make them smile.

From our team here at Morse Toad, to the incredible network of keyworkers, frontline workers and NHS staff – we could not be more grateful!!    


Emily Rodway 

Something to keep, and something to eat - in one fell swoop... what better way to celebrate good news or let someone know you are thinking of them?!

Hearing the 'clunk' of our choc-post letterbox gifts is the start of an amazing gift-giving gesture for our recipients, as they delve into an edible letter (hand-poured with premium Belgian chocolate nonetheless!) and enjoy your personlised note and photo.

We love seeing the diversity of messages that come through - from revealing big news and sending big birthday wishes.... through to some very big grovelling apologies! Whatever the occasion - chocolate seems to work its magic - and we are very happy to be a part of its joyful journey!

Personalised Chocolate | Morse Toad

Morse Toad takes your words, turns them into delicious chocolate, and delivers them to whoever you like. Why? Because greeting cards taste terrible. Our mission is to revolutionise how we send messages. With digital communication being fast but forgettable, and cards being thoughtful but slow and unexciting, we aim to strike a balance by providing a service that is as quick as digital, and infinitely more memorable and delicious than a card. 

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