5 Reasons To Get Personal With Morse Toad In 2016

wish you were here chocolate gift with photo
  1. Chocolate in the post

If ever there was an invention to overtake sliced bread, then chocolate in the post would surely be it.

  1. It's Personal

We believe the best presents are those you can make yourself.

  • Write your own message in chocolate.
  • Add a family photo, a selfie or an amazing Instagram creation.
  • Write a personal note to go with it.
  1. Deliciously Belgian

The Toad is a chocoholic. He knows his stuff, and sources his chocolate from only the best in Belgium. He then lovingly crafts the chocolate into bite size letters here in the UK.

  1. Chocolate Tastes Better

Cards are ok, but truth be told, they’re just a bit bland in flavour. Let’s face it, everything is better when it’s made from chocolate.

  1. We love the letterbox

Our boxes have been designed to fit through all letterboxes, so there will be no queuing required at the local Post Office.

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