15 Absolutely Magical Ideas For An Amazing Christmas

Magical Ideas

Depending on who you ask, the holiday season is either just around the corner or still ages away. If you belong in that first group, you've probably already started thinking about some magical ways you can deck your halls, bedazzle your neighbours, and just generally get into the holiday spirit. Even if you're not, this list of 15 awesome holiday ideas will give you something to think about while you begrudgingly throw out your cherished jack-o-lanterns.

  1. Program your Lights on a budget

make your lights dance


You've seen them on YouTube, and you've wistfully wondered what it would be like to have your house lights blare out Metallica's Master of Puppets (or maybe Shake it Off by Taylor Swift - no judgement here). This step by step tutorial by avid DIYer Akshay James will have your house bumpin', pumpin', and jumpin' this holiday season.

  1. Organize a Holiday-themed game night

holiday games


If nothing else, the holidays are a time for getting together with family - whether that's as a good or a bad thing is up to you. Regardless of how you feel about uncle Pete feeding the dog things it shouldn't eat or cousin Nancy prattling on about her newest paramour, an evening filled with some of these game ideas from Shutterfly is sure to be a hit.

  1. Make a batch of hot chocolate spoons

candy spoons


Even the grinchiest grinch has to admit, a good cup of hot chocolate can help offset even the most miserable blizzard. This simple, four-step guide will have you making a perfectly shareable and oh so delectable winter treat that makes just as good a stocking stuffer as it does a dessert item.

  1. Decorate all the things!

decorate all the things


Equal parts gift and excuse to buy another pack of Guiness, this fun holiday idea is sure to warm the insides of even the grinchiest grinch. Just try not to get carried away with the google eyes and the glue gun, okay?

personalised chocolate

  1. Candy sleighs

Candy sleighs


Whether you've got a few kids on your list or just a great aunt with a notorious sweet tooth, these candy sleighs are sure to be a hit.

  1. Make personalised sharpie mugs

Make personalised sharpie mugs


Who couldn't use an extra cup of coffee around the holidays? This breezy little DIY project would make a perfect holiday decor item with trees, reindeer, or little Santas drawn on to them. Pair them with a couple hot chocolate spoons from above, and suddenly you've got gifts for the whole family!

  1. Make custom scented soy candles

 Make custom scented soy candles


They say that a person's sense of smell is directly associated with their ability to remember. While I don't recall where I read that, I can say that these homemade soy candles are a great idea if you're looking for an easy way to help push the holidays into 'unforgettable' territory.

  1. Make specialty soaps

Make specialty soaps


While we're in the vein of 'things that smell good', these easy to make soaps can be done in all sorts of different ways. Give them to your gram as a gift she'll love, or to that one teenager in the family who might need a gentle reminder about the importance of personal hygiene.

  1. Make your own snow globes

diy snowglobes


If you're looking for a cool craft you can really get hooked on making that you can decorate the entire house with, give as gifts, collect obsessively, or all of the above, look no further than this easy-peasy DIY mason jar snowglobe tutorial by Mashable's Andrea Romano. Plus, it's got a TARDIS in it, so how could it go wrong?

  1. Make some musical themed centerpieces

Make some musical themed centerpieces


Besides making an original gift for the music lover (or hater, depending on how you look at it) on your list, these unique centerpieces can be spray painted silver (or gooold) and are guaranteed to be a conversation starter around the holidays.

personalised chocolate

  1. Send a message in personalised chocolate

Make someone feel special with a surprise personal delivery. Write something delicious in personalised chocolate, upload a photo to the box, then add a note to say who it's from. Morse Toad will ship your gift through their letterbox. Mmmmm!

 Make personalised chocolate cards

  1. Make slippers for the whole family (or just for you)

Make slippers


The holidays are a time for a lot of things, but chief among them is spending days and days in your pajamas without feeling the need to put 'real' clothes on. These funky and easy to make slippers will help you catch that cozy vibe while setting you apart as the DIY master among your family and friends.

  1. Duct the halls

Duct the halls


Want to decorate the house with a personalized flair this year? This wide range of holiday themed duct tape crafts are a great place to start. From bows to decorations for the tree, these funky crafts are sure to get some attention.

  1. Turn your yard into a scene from Frozen

a scene from Frozen


Some people go all out on decorating their yard for Halloween, some do it for the holidays. These set-and-forget ice sculpture ideas are not only fun for the whole family, but they'll be sure to be the talk of the neighbourhood. For bonus points, consider using these in conjunction with programmed lights to turn your yard into an icy winter wonderland!

  1. Make the perfect snowman

good snowman


While some would argue that there's no such thing as the perfect man of any kind, no one can contest that the question 'do you want to build a snow man?' has been stuck in our minds since 2013. While you may already have a preferred way to make your snowmen, these twelve tips might still come in handy. For example, did you ever think about painting a face onto your snowman? I sure didn't!

That wraps up this list of 15 great things you can do now to have an awesome holiday season this year.

Have you got any ideas of messages you'd like to send someone in chocolate? If so, do let us know.

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