Who Are You: Willy Wonka or Mr Toad?

willy wonkaMetaphorically speaking, Morse Toad likes to consider himself as the weird offspring of Mr Toad and Willy Wonka. Ok perhaps that was a thought we shouldn't have put in your head.

But anyway, we love these stories. The imagination of Willy Wonka and the plucky enthusiasm of Mr Toad are exactly the sort of thing we think needs to delivered in the post. That delivery should have a fizz-pop, a whizz-bang and a honk honk all wrapped into one surprise delivery. That is what Morse Toad is all about.

Willy Wonka - "The greatest inventor and maker of chocolates there has ever been"

Willy Wonka is an inventor. If you can imagine it, Willy Wonka will create it. Adorned in his top hat and tails, he exudes excitement about everything he does. But most of all, Willy Wonka shows us that life is fun. Everyone's so serious these days. Work here, crisis there, rushing here, delay there.

Bing burp ship flip sandwich banana surprise. There you go. I said it! 

Mr Toad - “Here today, up and off to somewhere else tomorrow! Travel, change, interest, excitement! The whole world before you, and a horizon that's always changing!”

Mr Toad is just like Willy Wonka. Life is to be enjoyed to the maximum, but with a hefty dose of mischief to boot. He's an adventurer and a thrill seeker, with his heart in the right place (if his actions perhaps are not).

Morse Toad (aka. Mr WillyToadWonk)

Morse Toad Messaging is all about injecting a bit of fun into the postal service. Cards? Zzzzzzzz! Text messages? Ding! It's gone!

The beauty of personalised chocolate is you can say anything you like. It makes a great punchline. After all everyone loves chocolate. Add a photo, and you've got the makings of your own unique surprise delivery, brilliantly invented by you.

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Tell us which character you love the most, and why?

willy wonka



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