We're VOOMing And Things Just Got Serious

Approximately, a month ago, we put together a video and entered into Virgin Media's pitch contest (see the video ('Ode To Richard') at the base of this post).

It's now Monday 23rd, the last day of voting for Morse Toad. 

On Saturday we stated that Pam, our mascot was sad due to our poor positioning (look how sad she was).Sad Pam

On Sunday, we tried extra hard, but Pam....well she wasn't impressed.pam unimpressed

Today, we knew, would be the hardest day. 

As any mascot would, Pam took matters into her own hands. 

Please share this post, and PLEASE VOTE FOR US by clicking this link: www.bit.ly/voomtoad before May 23rd 2016.

Vote for puppy hugs and chocolate


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