Personalised Chocolate: Messaging Made More Exciting!

Personalised Chocolate: Messaging Made More Exciting!

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Personalised Chocolate

The best thing about personalised chocolate is you can really get your message across. Texts. Emails. Whatsapp. We are drowning in a world of mediocre dings and beeps.

Important messages should be memorable. Nobody knows this yet, but chocolate is the BEST way to communicate. Communication can be hard sometimes. We're on a mission to make it easier.

  • Know someone at work who needs a friendly reminder to take a shower more often?  You can't get upset by an anonymous chocolate delivery, can you?
  • Need to tell someone you're sorry, but find it hard to say? Chocolate is a wonderful method of guaranteed forgiveness (depending on how bad you were).
  • You need to quit your job? That's a hard conversation to have, or is it?
  • Need to ask a girl out? Every girl loves a surprise delivery. Just make sure you send a nice picture of yourself with it.

When you've got something to say, make yourself heard. And make someone smile.

We have a few examples of when personalised chocolate is a great way to communicate.

There are three components to our product.

  1. The Chocolate Message
  2. The Photograph
  3. The Message On The Card

That's three ways to get your message across.

1. The Friendly Dog Mess Request

The great thing about our service is that it allows you to ask things without fear of reprisal.

  • Chocolate: "PLEASE STOP YOUR DOG"
  • Photo: Evidence of the dog committing its crime.
  • Additional Message: "Dear No. 11. We would be grateful if your lovely dog could choose another lawn to decorate. Many thanks, Everyone at No. 5."
personalised chocolate

2. The Life Achievement Celebration

There are so many things in life worth celebrating.

  • Photo: The side effects of veganism.
  • Additional Message: "I was worried about you for a minute. Welcome back. Love J x."
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3. The Surprise Birthday Gift With Extra Surprise

Our 'Sorry It's Not...' product is the perfect gift for a little smoke & mirrors.

  • Chocolate: "SORRY IT'S NOT A FERRARI"
  • Photo: A picture of a ferrari.
  • Additional Message: "But we did get you a car. Check the garage. Happy Birthday Son. Mum & Dad x"
personalised chocolate
personalised chocolate

4. Note To Self

Some people set goals. Other’s put reminders in the calendar. This guy sent himself a box of chocolates.

  • Photo: Drunk selfie
  • Additional Message: "Fred. This is for you tomorrow. You are an idiot."
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5. Moral Support Chocolate Style

We’ve all been there. A crappy day where all you want to do is crawl under the nearest rug and stay there forever. Luckily, we have friends. And what are friends for? Making us smile!

  • Photo: Friends selfie
  • Additional Message: "We love you"
personalised chocolate

We hope you enjoyed our selection of customer examples.

Have you got any ideas of messages you’d like to send someone in chocolate? If so, do let us know.


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