Introducing The Chocolate Memory Box

Introducing The Chocolate Memory Box

Introducing The Chocolate Memory Box

Morse Toad has launched something NEW. It’s called the Chocolate Memory Box.

Customers can now share a favourite memory printed on top of the gift box. Inside, a message lovingly handmade from high quality Belgian chocolate. After the chocolates have been enjoyed, the box can be framed and hung on the wall. Better still, there is no need to throw the gift box away as it’s now part of the gift. The result is a significant reduction in waste. 

But first a little history as to how this idea came about. There has been 5 years of change since the genesis of this business, and it's worth seeing its development.

Morse Toad was born in 2014 with a vague concept about delivering words in chocolate. For those moments that demand more than a card or a text, what better way to express yourself than in yummy chocolate. Whether you need to say Happy Birthday, confess your undying love or apologise profusely for some misdemeanour, expressing yourself in chocolate is sure to get the message across.

Early products were rudimentary to say the least, not helped by the photography skills of yours truly. Fortunately, some buccaneering characters out there could see its potential. After all, a compliment in chocolate is better than a compliment on its own. 

personalised chocolate
personalised chocolate

Shortly we added the option to add a personal message. After all, it’s not much good if the recipient doesn’t know who your message is from. 



A year or so later, we introduced the option for customers to upload a photo. We were already printing little cards to go in the box, so why not print a photo on it as well? The idea was to give something to keep, as well as something to be enjoyed on the spot. 

Chocolate Card

During this period, packaging waste took centre stage in the public consciousness and Morse Toad was no exception. We recognised our own role and wondered what we could do to reduce our footprint on the planet. Whilst our boxes are recyclable, ultimately they are still being disposed of immediately after use. We asked ourselves, could they have a second use? 

We landed on the idea of turning the box into a photo box, much like a canvas print in appearance. Given that we already included photos in our gifts, it made perfect sense. We added holes to the back of the box and introduced a frame. Better yet, the gift can still be delivered through the letterbox. Now, rather than disposing of the box, it is kept and treasured. It is now only necessary to recycle the shipping box.

chocolate memory box

Here’s how it works:

  1. Upload a photo of you and your special person, whether it be a wedding photo, the day you met, or some of the good times spent on holiday. 
  2. Then let them know how great they are in yummy Belgian chocolate letters.
  3. Finish with a note to say who it’s from.
  4. Then add your frame. 

After your chocolate message has been enjoyed, that special memory can be framed and hung on the wall. 

With both a photo and a chocolate message at your disposal, you can create something truly unique that will be sure to make them smile. The opportunity for some creativity is never ending.

chocolate memory box

Here are some ideas:

  • Need to thank granny and grandpa for babysitting? Send a picture of the kids with a big tasty thank you in chocolate. 
  • Getting married? Find a photo of each of your best friends with you, then invite them to be your bridesmaids in yummy chocolate. 
  • Someone’s big milestone birthday coming up? Celebrate in style with a photo of everyone cheering their advancing years, as well as a cheeky birthday chocolate message.
  • Messed up? Who can resist your puppy dog face? Share that combined with a chocolate apology and forgiveness is in the bag. 
  • Someone had a baby? Provide them with their first framed baby picture, combined with a special baby message inside. It’s sure to open the floodgates. 
  • First time Mothers Day? What better way than a photo of the little one and a message saying ‘I love you mummy’? Bring on the happy tears. 
  • Don’t forget Dad on father’s day. Send a box with a picture of the whole family. Once he’s relished his ‘best dad in the world’ chocolates, he can keep it wherever Dad spends most of his time. 

We hope that the Chocolate Memory Box will enable you to deliver a moment happiness to your friends and family. Do let us know what you think.

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