The Best Chocolate Message Ideas From Our Customers

The Best Chocolate Message Ideas From Our Customers

Morse Toad

For the majority of people a piece of chocolate is always a delight. A treat that can boost your mood and put a big smile on your face. That’s why chocolate makes a great gift. At Morse Toad, we’ve gone one step further and enabled you to write a message in chocolate. Yummy treat combined with thoughtful or funny message makes for a cracker of a surprise. 

With the whole English language at your disposal, imagine what you might write!

We thought we’d put together some examples taken from actual orders that we have received. It turns out, chocolate is the perfect medium to say almost anything. Some beautiful. Some hilarious. Some downright rude. It’s all here. So read on.

Celebrating A New Baby

Every new life is something to be celebrated. Is there a more life changing and special moment? When you’re a new parent you’re often bombarded with soft toys and baby grows which are amazing. But if you’re looking for something different, then a celebration message made from yummy Belgian chocolate is a great way to congratulate the happy parents, as well as provide a much needed sugar boost after those sleepless nights. At Morse Toad, you can go one better and include a photo. We’ve seen countless occasions where the photo they received was the first printed photo they received of their newborn. Cue many tears of joy.

- Welcome To The World Little One

- Hooray It's A Boy

- Hooray It's A Girl

new baby gift

Break ups

We’ve all been there. They can be a real blow. That’s when friends step in with a shoulder to cry on. The best medicine for a broken heart? Comedy. What better way than a chocolate message? At Morse Toad, we’ve had many hilarious messages including:

- 'Your V*gina Deserves Better'

- 'Screw Him You Can Do Better'

- or simply 'You're F*cking Incredible'

personalised chocolate

Saying Thank You

Some appreciation can go a long way to keeping the world aiming in the right direction. Sometimes it's sufficient to look someone in the eye and say thank you. But other times, when someone has gone out of their way to make your life better/easier/happier for no reason except that they’re excellent, thoughtful and kind people, then why not go one step further and say thank you in chocolate?

- Thank You Soooo Much

- You Are Amazing, Thank You

- Merci Buckets

thank you gift

Saying Sorry

Did you know, our most popular message on a Monday is ‘Sorry’. Whatever do we get up to at the weekend? Clearly that is when most mistakes are made.

But it’s ok. We all make mistakes. Sometimes you need to swallow your pride and go, cap in hand, and admit sincerely that you were wrong cheapest way to send a parcel. A sincere apology takes courage. It’s hard to admit being at fault. Actions speak louder that words so they say. Our favourite apology gift included a photo of a puppy with cute adorable eyes, and a chocolate message saying ‘Will You Forgive Me?’

It was genius. Combining puppy dog eyes and chocolate surely guarantees forgiveness right?

- Sorry I Messed Up

- Sorry I'm Such A God

- Sorry I Was A D*ck

sorry gift

Marriage Proposals

When you think of the word proposal, it’s normally preceded by the word marriage. Is there a more special proposal out there, and one more deserving of some special treatment? The best marriage proposals require a surprise, which is where our personalised chocolate can come in. Nobody expects their box of chocolates to contain a message, let alone one of such special significant. To date over 10 couples have proposed using our chocolates. Often they include the ring in the box. However, we can’t tell you whether or not the answer was yes. 

- Will You Marry Me

wedding proposal gift

Inviting Your Friend To Be Your Bridesmaid

Special requests deserve special attention. Whilst just asking someone directly is great, it’s much more fun to add a little magic to the request. Imagine their surprise when they get your request through the letterbox. Cue many tears of joy! Most of our future brides find photos that perfectly encapsulate why they are such good friends.

- I Can't Say I Do Without You

- Will You Be My Bridesmaid

bridesmaid invite

Thanking Someone Important Like A Teacher

Some people shoulder a lot of responsibility in your lives like taking charge of our children. You are putting your trust in them to do a good job. Consequently, if they do a great job, it’s so important to show that you value them and the effort they put in. Whilst it's fine to be paid to do a job, it’s those little gestures of appreciation that can make a job worthwhile. Many of our customers buy small ‘thank you’ boxes so they can hand them out to many teachers without breaking the bank. Alternatively, if the gift is from the little ones, customers include a photo of their adorable little faces.

- Thank You

- Thanks To A Smashing Teacher

- Thanks For Putting Up With Me

teacher thank you gift


We all suffer the odd rough patch in life. During those times, it’s often our friends and family that keep us propped up. We know from experience that a gesture to show you’re thinking of them can do wonders for a person’s state of mind. Whether it’s an event that has brought on a black cloud or someone is just feeling sad, let them know you’re there for them. Send someone a metaphorical hug in yummy chocolate. 

- I’m Here For You

- Thinking Of You

- Stay Strong

- Big Chocolate Hug

hug gift

Soften The Blow

True story! One customer wrote ‘I’m Handing In My Notice’ in chocolate. Leaving a job can be really hard, especially when relations are really good. This customer turned an otherwise tricky conversation into a nice one. It was inspired. Can you think of other moments where you need to break the news?

- I’m Handing In My Notice

- Surprise Gift

Some customers reveal the true gift within the chocolate. One wrote, ‘We Bought You A Pony’ and included a photo of it on the box. When you can’t wrap up your gift because it’s too big, alive, abstract, etc. then why not hide the surprise inside a photo box? One customer wrote ‘Sorry It’s Not A Ferrari’ in chocolate. The photo on the box was a Ferrari. But the message on the back said, ‘but we did get you a car. Happy birthday!’ We thought it was so good, we created a product.

- Sorry It's Not A Ferrari

- We Bought You A Pony

- We're Going To Amsterdam

- Two Tickets To Reading Festival

funny gift

Special Questions

You've been seeing each other a while, it's special, you're falling for them. But, now you need a unique way to make it official. What's more romantic than asking someone to be your boyfriend or girlfriend than a yummy chocolate.
- I'm Falling For You
- Will You Be My Girlfriend
- Will You Be My Boyfriend


Nothing will make someone laugh better than a surprise message in chocolate. We’ve had every conceivable message, from taking the mick to downright abuse. Whatever the private joke is between you and your friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, gain the upper hand with a surprise delivery. As you can add a photo to the box as well, you can add something else to the joke

Special Requests

When you need someone to help you out, chocolate based persuasion might be just the thing to get that support. We’ve seen a few orders come in asking to help paint the house, move house, or even look after the dogs for the weekend. 

- Can You Help Paint The House Pleeeease!

- Please Help Me Move. For Cake?

Hospital Trips

These days you can’t send flowers to the hospital. Luckily, chocolate still makes the grade. Nobody wants to be stuck in hospital. In moments like this, letting people know you’re there for them can do wonders for their morale. One message that really made us laugh was ‘I hope you get a hot doctor’. Perhaps there’s a silver lining!

- Get Better With Every Letter

- Get Well Soon

- I Hope You're On The Mend

hospital gift

Anonymous Requests

One of our favourite every chocolate messages was someone writing to their neighbour with a request: ‘Please Clean Up After Your Dog’. Better yet, they had managed to capture photographic evidence of the dog in question which they included with the box. Neighbourly relations are notoriously difficult. Tact is crucial. A better, more friendly way of working with your neighbours I do not know. Can you think of something you want to ask someone that 


anonymous message


Ok so divorce isn’t a typical gift moment. But frankly, it can be so brutal. Once it is in motion, both parties suffer immensely. Putting allegiances aside, people still need support during tough times. Often customers send gifts when it is all concluded to celebrate the dawn of a new chapter.

- Here's To The Future

- Happy Divorce Day

- Here's To Happy Times Ahead

- Big Chocolate Divorce Hugs

divorce gift

Sometimes we all have something to say that’s important. Whether it’s a Birthday, Christmas, Thank You or an Engagement, sometimes a card 

Chocolate can be melted and remoulded into anything you want, even a chocolate message. These days, you can send a message in seconds on your phone. With so many digital messages sent each day, getting your message to stand out can be a challenge. If you want to let someone know you really mean it, then personalised chocolate is a fantastic way to get that message across. With every delicious chocolate letter, they’ll be able to consider what you have said.

At Morse Toad, we specialise in messages delivered in personalised chocolate. Here are some classic examples of when a personalised chocolate message makes the perfect gift. 

When you’ve got something to say, say it in chocolate. You can be sure your message won’t be missed. 


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