The Best Ways to Celebrate Easter at Home

The Best Ways to Celebrate Easter at Home

With another year of celebrating Easter at home, we have been hatching a plan to sum up the best Easter crafts, activities and recipes for the whole family to crack on with!
From minimal-mess handmade Easter decorations, to easy Easter eats & the ultimate cheat sheet for Easter egg hunts; discover our top tips to celebrate Easter at home below...


Our top Easter craft ideas offer hassle-free (with max fun) ideas for all ages to enjoy- whilst doubling-up as sweet table decorations!

For many households, dying eggs for an easter activity is on the agenda in the build-up to the big day, and with our simple instructions below (including a useful parent hack!), we crack the method to make this as hassle free as possible! Top tip – the longer you leave the eggs in the deeper your colour will come out – so feel free to egg-periment!
1- Hard-boil your eggs and let them cool
2- Half-fill a muffin tray with boiling water & 1 x teaspoon white vinegar (keep away from the little ones until cooled down)
3- Add in 10 drops of food colouring to each segment - Place the hardboiled eggs in for a few minutes
4- Use tongs to turn the eggs over and leave for another 3 x minutes
5- Decant each egg into a clean muffin tin and leave until dry
When your eggs are dry, why not try our next easter activity to display them, in the perfect Easter craft for older children!


With eggs (chocolate or not) on the menu for many Easter Sunday breakfast tables, what better way to get the bigger kids involved then making these origami egg cups in preparation!


These handmade Easter cards are a lovely treat to pop through your neighbour's doors, or to send to family as we spend Easter holidays at home this year!

Inspired by Good Housekeeping, simply fold construction card in two and cut out an egg shape on the front.

Use a creation from your little ones to glue to the underside, or get them to create a new patterned painting.

With these simple steps, each card has a personalised touch that is sure to spark joy when sent on to loved ones!


Imagine their faces when they discover there has been a special delivery overnight!

Simply wash out an egg shell and use a sharpie to decorate their countdown & footprints!

Scattering a few of these on your table, alongside some fluffy chicks, will set the scene for a lovely start to Easter morning!!


Perfect as a table decoration, or to be included in your Easter egg hunt, our chocolate names are the ideal way to add a personalised touch from the Easter bunny!
From a family favour pack of 5, to individual names, hop to our link here to turn their names into a choccy treat!
As a letterbox friendly Easter gift, these are also a lovely token to send on to friends and family that might not be able to join in your celebrations this year!



For an easy Easter Egg Treasure Hunt, and a fun bunny-based game, check out our two free Easter activities below!


Build suspense and leave a delicious trail in your home, with our Indoor Easter Egg Hunt cheat sheet!

Just click on our picture & print, to set up an egg hunt around your home in just a couple of minutes!

Suitable for all ages of children, we recommend hiding a little something with each clue to build up to the big prize at the end!

Look below to reveal the best easter egg hunt clues:

- Hop to your room, and take a look, I’m hidden inside your favourite… (book)

- I have four legs, but I cannot walk, your sit at me with your knife and fork… (table)

- Go on and take a peek, I’m hidden where you like to sleep… (bed)

- I’m tucked away somewhere a little smelly, in rubber boots that we call… (Wellies)

- Hidden behind something, where we watch TV, please hurry and find me! (cushion)

- Hanging by the window, of that I’m certain, you’ll find me next behind your … (curtain)

- I’m tall, green and leafy, your treat is underneath me! (tree or plant)

- If you think you can fit in one more, an Easter treat is waiting by the front… (door)


For a family friendly Easter game (that is sure to draw out their competitive streaks) just download & print our Pin the Tail on the Bunny picture!

Using a cottonwool ball, or little pom poms, with a glue dot on; simply blindfold & spin each player to see who gets the closest!      


As a day that is inevitable chocca-block (literally!) with treats; our selectin of quick and easy Easter recipes will help to take the stress out of whipping up your Easter breakfast, picnic lunch & fuss-free supper!


We are loving these sweet easter bunny pancakes for breakfast! Not only do they look super cute, but they are a great excuse to add some of your 5 a day in the process!

Taken from BBC Good Food, find the recipe here and serve up with a selection of chopped banana, strawberries and blueberries… with a little maple syrup to finish!    


As another cheeky way to inject a bit of fruit & veg Into your Easter lunch, this tart (as seen in Sainsbury's Recipe Files) provides a portable treat that can be tailored to suit the whole family!

Perfect for an al-fresco garden picnic, or to enjoy at your newly decorated Easter table, simply serve with a selection of salads and new potatoes. Click here to view the full recipe!


After a day of indulgence, we recommend a simple dippy egg supper!

What better nod to the Easter bunny for all their hard work, as you finish of the day with full tummies. happy memories... and minimal dishes!

Whatever your plans to celebrate Easter this year, we hope you have a lovely day, filled with chocolate and good times!
Hoppy Easter from Dicky and the Toad Team! x

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