21 Homemade Fathers Day Gift Ideas

21 Homemade Fathers Day Gift Ideas

homemade fathers day gift ideas

Homemade Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is all about making Dad feel great, and reminding him how much you love him. That’s why we’ve created a list of homemade Fathers Day gift ideas so that you can give him the best day ever.


  1. Thoughtful Gestures For Dad
  2. Homemade Fathers Day Gift Ideas
  3. HomemadeTreats

Thoughtful Gestures For Dad

  1. Breakfast In Bed

homemade fathers day gift ideas

Is there anything more luxurious than breakfast in bed, complete with chopped fruit, freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee and some pancakes? This is a homemade fathers day gift idea that always goes down a storm.

fathers day gift ideas
  1. Clean The Car And Mow The Lawn

Does the car always look like it could use a bit of TLC? Is that lawn becoming a jungle? Do both of these jobs, and don’t say anything. Imagine his surprise when he notices!

homemade fathers day gift idea
  1. Father's Day Questionnaire

Write 10 things you love about Dad. Or build a story around who Dad is. Print out the results and then frame it.

homemade fathers day gift ideas
  1. Create A Playlist

Get onto Itunes or Spotify, and put together a list of all your favourite songs that remind you of Dad. To make the gift more special, write out every song and why you have chosen. Perhaps it reminds you of holidays, or car journeys, or dancing around the kitchen.

  1. Write A Poem

homemade father's day gifts

Even if you’re not Shakespeare, writing a poem is an amazing homemade Fathers Day gift idea that Dad can frame so he’ll never forget.

  1. Make A Homemade Fathers Day Card

personalised father's day card

Who doesn’t love a homemade gift? Get your arts and crafts skills going with a personalised card.

  1. Create A Post-It-Note Treasure Hunt

post it note trail

We love a treasure hunt. They’re so easy to do, and get ten out of ten for excitement. Create one of our homemade treats below, then hide them somewhere around the house. Then, working backwards, create a trail of clues with the first one on the front door for when he gets home.

personalised chocolate

Homemade Fathers Day Gift Ideas

homemade father's day gift ideas
  1. Fill A Jar With The 10 Best Things About Dad

Let Dad know how special he is with a collection of notes about why he is so great. If ever he’s feeling low or is sad, you can pull out one of these notes to cheer him up.

homemade gift for dad
homemade gift for dad
  1. Create A Photo Collage

Put together all your favourite photos of Dad and the family, and put them together in a wonderful collage. This is a homemade fathers day gift idea that will last forever.

homemade gift for dad
  1. Make A Photo Frame

Get some wood to make the frame, something to decorate the frame with like leaves or rocks, and some super glue.

homemade fathers day gift ideas
  1. Sow His Initials On His Tie Or Socks

Whilst making adjustments to Dad’s ties might be a risky thing to do, if you do a good job you can be certain that tie will instantly become his favourite tie.

fathers day gift ideas
personalised chocolate

gift for dad
  1. Create A Map Coaster Of All The Special Places In His Life

This homemade gift idea is actually very easy to do. All you need is some cork or thick card. Use a bowl or mug to cut out some perfect circles. Then print out maps of all Dad’s favourite places. Use the card or cork circles to cut the same size circles out of the map, making sure to keep the location in the centre. Then use some glue to attach the map to the coaster.

homemade fathers day gift ideas
  1. Dad Cut-Out Picture Frame

This is a perfect homemade fathers day gift idea that he can keep on his desk. Just get some A4 coloured card and fold it in two. Cut out the word ‘DAD’ then stick photos on the inside of the card. Finish with a message on the inside and voila, an excellent thoughtful gift.

homemade fathers day gift ideas
  1. Make A World's Greatest Dad Medal

A bit like the map coasters, these are easy to make. Just find some card, cut out a circle and design a message on the front.

personalised chocolate
  1. Make A Hand And Footprint Poster

Ready to get messy? This is such a fun gift to put together, and you can frame it at the end. Get every member of the family (even the dog) to make a foot or a hand print or both. Write a little note to Dad underneath, and then frame it when the paint is dry.

personalised chocolate
  1. Make A Cord Keeper

This is possible the most useful homemade Fathers Day gift idea. Who doesn’t struggle with endless wires ever?where. Solve a problem for Dad. He won’t forget it.

personalised chocolate
  1. Scrabble Bracelet

Fishing wire + scrabble pieces = awesome homemade fathers day gift idea!

personalised chocolate

Homemade Fathers Day Treats

  1. Make Dad A Special Cake

homemade fathers day gift ideas

You could just bake a cake, or you could go one step further and decorate it with an extra special design just for Dad. We came across this idea, where the message for Dad is inside the cake. How do they do it? No idea, but the link will tell you.

personalised chocolate
  1. Create A Special Father's Day Picnic

There’s nothing better than a day out with the family. Why not make it a surprise for Dad. Get all the picnic together and hide it near a nice spot. Then take Dad for a dog walk or something and then surprise him with a yummy picnic.

personalised chocolate
  1. Build Your Own Goodie Basket

The above is a rather expensive looking hamper. Rather pay someone else to put it together, find a nice box or container, and then find some of his favourite things. It would be much more personal too.

personalised chocolate
  1. Cook Him A BBQ

Dad’s always behind the wheel when it comes to a BBQ. Why not show him what you’ve learned from him and cook one yourself.

fathers day gift idea

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