75 Unique Wedding Favour Ideas

75 Unique Wedding Favour Ideas

unique wedding favour ideas

Wedding favours are that little thing that can really add something special when your guests sit down. But what wedding favours to have? We’ve put together an extensive list of 75 unique wedding favour ideas to help inspire you for your wedding.

We’ve categorised them as best as we can. Just use the links below to navigate:

  1. Drinkable Favours
  2. Edible Favours
  3. DIY Favours / Homemade Favours
  4. Fun Favours
  5. Eco Favours
  6. Personalised Favours
  7. Traditional Favours

Morse Toad is a chocolate letterbox gift company. We specialise in personalised chocolate wedding favours and chocolate place names.


wedding favours to drink
  1. Shot Mason Jar – we’ve tied the knot, so have a shot (Drinkable)

Not that most people need any encouragement to celebrate, a little something might really get the celebrations going.

  1. Drink Tokens (Drinkable)

If you’re having a paid bar, these can be a really fun way to give everyone some free drinks.

champagne wedding favours

Photo Credit: Leslee Mitchell

  1. Mini Champagne (Drinkable)

Your own personal bottle of champagne. It’s what dreams are made of!

  1. Shot Mini Spirits Bottle – Bottles £10.50 for 12 (Drinkable/DIY)

I see your mini-champagne, and I raise you a mini-bottle of spirits. Although these original wedding favour ideas may have a range of consequences.

  1. Personalised Glass (drink from it throughout the night) (Drinkable)

Save on your washing up with these glass wedding favours. Just don’t lose yours!

drinkable wedding favour ideas

Photo Credit: Something Turquoise

  1. Mason jar Jack and Coke (drinkable)

Don’t employ a barman. Just have each drink ready to go.

personalised chocolate wedding favours

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

  1. Pimp Your Prosecco Bar – (Drinkable)

This is a great do-it-yourself cheap wedding favour idea that is super pretty, and super fun.


  1. Personalised Wedding Favour Sweetie Jar (Edible)

Another super cute and cheap wedding favour idea that you can create yourself.

  1. Macaroon pack (Edible) – Min Order 20 – Three Macarons in a clear box £5.50

We may be biased, but an edible favour is always the most exciting. Who doesn’t love macarons?

  1. Personalised Cookie (Edible) – Pack of 24 £60

Everyone loves a personalised wedding favour. These biscuits aren’t cheap, but they look super cute.

popcorn party favours

Photo Credit: The Knot

  1. Popcorn Mason Jar (Edible/ DIY)

Unlike personalised biscuits, these popcorn mason jars are much more on the cheap wedding favour side of things, and super pretty.

  1. Pick N Mix bags/Retro Sweets (Edible/Fun) – £15.99 for 100

Tabethas Touch create these cute, personalised pick-n-mix wedding favour bags to fill with your favourite sweets.

  1. Fortune Cookies w/personalised message (Edible)

This is possibly our favourite of our unique favour ideas. Create your own fortune cookie favour complete with a message for each guest. Relatively expensive, but super cute nonetheless.

  1. Boxes Meringue Kiss w/personalised edible branding – Min Order 10 £2.00 or £2.50 with branding (Edible)

Favour ideas don’t get much more pretty than these.

  1. Krispy Kreme individual doughnuts (Edible)

Don’t bother with pudding. Just have a doughnut wedding favour instead!

  1. After Dinner Mints – mint to be (edible) – £34.91 for 24 packs

For less than £1.50 each these include the mints, wrapping, twine, personalised card and decorative flower, the attention to detail make these look like a one-off bespoke item.

love heart wedding favours

Love Hearts

win a gift

  1. Personalised Love Hearts (Edible)

Do you remember being given these when you were young? Cute. Affordable. Maximum Aaaah factor.

  1. Cupcakes (Edible)

These cupcake wedding favours from Baked can even double up as place settings. Not the cheapest option, but so pretty.

  1. Honey Jars – (try getting the honey locally) (Edible/Keepsake)

We love these honey jars with their own wooden honey dipper. We have found these amazing personalised honey dippers. Mason Jar, Honey Dipper, Local Honey. The perfect DIY wedding favour!

personalised wedding favour ideas

MyM&Ms Image Courtesy of Pinterest

  1. Personalised M&Ms – (Edible)

Not sure where you can get these, but there’s something special about your faces on an M&M. Yum!

rock wedding favour

The Rock People

  1. Personalised Stick of Rock (Edible) – From £225 for 100

The Rock People. Could be a band? But no. These guys do rock the sweet way. Personalise the label, the centre, the flavour and the colour! Beat that for wedding favours with a difference.

cake wedding favours

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

  1. Pimp Your Cupcake Stall – (Edible/Fun)

Bring out the inner child in everyone with this DIY wedding favour idea.

wedding favour sweets

Photo Credit: Jo Photo Online

  1. Candy Bar With Take Home Bags – (Edible/Fun)

Something for the kids (and adults of course)!

  1. Just Married Chocolate Coins – £14.98 for 500g approx. 90 coins (Edible)

These work out a 16p a coin, so a bit more than the usual chocolate coin. But they would look great scattered across the table.


music wedding favours

Image Credit: Brideside

Paid Alternative – Vintage Vinyl looking CD – Etsy

  1. Mix C.D (DIY)

Ok so everything is digital these days, but that doesn’t mean a compilation made by people you love is any less awesome. In our view, mix-tapes should still very much be a thing. Digital does not cover this area well enough. Full marks for originality…as the songs are all yours.

personalised wedding favour ideas

Image Credit: Once Like A Spark

  1. A Personalised Note – (DIY)

This is actually a great way to make a wedding favour. If you have the time, write a little message to every single guest. You can’t get more personalised than that. Allow you inner scribe to go wild!

  1. Personalised Milk Bottles – (DIY)

Put in a mason jar, favour bags and personalised sticker sites for DIY favours.

creative wedding favour ideas
  1. Origami – paper and instructions (DIY)

Provide your guests with paper and instructions and let them do the rest! – Tutorial

recovery wedding favour

Image Credit: The White Bulb Etsy

  1. Recovery Pack (DIY)

Possibly the most useful wedding favour idea. You wake up. For a second you wonder what happened, then your head reminds you. And then, as the memories unfold, it dawns on you that you have everything you need to own that hangover in your pocket. Totally priceless.

green wedding favour

Photo credit: Fawn Christensen

  1. Succulents (DIY/Fun)

These green favour ideas gets top marks for pretty. A collection of green natural plants is a great way to make a room look smart and welcoming.

creative wedding favour

Image Credit: Nicola Lynde

Image Credit: Wedding Day Dreams

  1. Crayons and paper tablecloths (DIY)

Use brown paper as runners, provide each guest with a pack of Crayons and let the fun commence! A brilliant and cheap favour idea to entertain guests between courses. (Not just for the kid’s table)

cocktail wedding favour
  1. Mason Jar Cocktail Gifts (DIY)

Manhattans in a mason jar – Tutorial

Or for a bubbly alternative try this Mason Jar Champagne Cocktail – Tutorial

photo favours

Blush Photobooth – rent a photo booth

chocolate wedding favours
  1. Polaroid/ Photobooth – take home your own memory (DIY/Fun)

An alternative is to provide your guests with a Polaroid/ Fujifilm Instax cameras.

tasty wedding favour idea
  1. Smores Kit (DIY)

A wedding favour your guests will love. Make your own smores kit – Tutorial

yummy wedding favour
  1. Hot Chocolate Kit (DIY)

When all the dancing and drinking is over, these drinkable wedding favour ideas will be just the ticket. Make your own hot chocolate wedding favours - Tutorial

  1. Handmade Mini Recipe Books (DIY)

If the great British Bake Off is your thing, then share some of your culinary wisdom with this original wedding favour idea. Every day’s a learning day!


  1. Scratch Card (Fun) – Bespoke scratch card holders (£1 each)

This idea is a great idea until someone wins. Do they donate to the bride and groom? Do they not tell anyone? We can imagine a family fued within seconds of news spreading that there’s £200k in the room.

  1. Rubik’s Cube (Fun)

If your guests are all a bunch of whizz kids who need their brains amused to truly have a good time, then this wedding favour idea should keep them amused for hours.

snapchat wedding favour ideas

Photo Credit: Filter Pop

  1. Snapchat Geofilter for your event (Fun) – £29 for personalised/ £39 for a bespoke design (both include upload and activation).

Modernise your day with a little social technology. These photo favour ideas will bring your wedding into the 21st century. Design your own filter at: Snap That Filter. There’s a lot of potential for creative genius with this wedding favour idea.

  1. Sparklers – £2 for 5 (Fun)

Perfect as a cheap favour idea, if you want to add sparkle to your wedding then these will do it.

  1. Bubbles – £8.15 for a pack of 24 (Fun)

Wedding cake shaped bottles as a fun favour idea to entertain everyone . Minimum cost, maximum fun. 

  1. Glow Sticks – £16 for 50 labels (Fun)

Get your rave on with this fun favour idea.

  1. Temporary Personalised Tattoos (Fun) – 20 tattoos £24.23

Frankly, this idea is awesome. The problem with tattoos is you can’t get rid of them, but secretly everyone would like to get one. Imagine Granny with an enormous anchor on her arm and a skull and cross bones on her legs. Priceless!

  1. Mini Board Games (Fun) – £2.49 each

Depending on your family dynamics, a board game wedding favour could be a recipe for immediate laughter and good times. My family….not so much.

  1. Mini Beer Pong Set (Fun) – £3.99 per set

This party favour idea is bound to get everyone making friends instantly, as well as making a solid impression on the beer supply.

  1. Personalised Mini Airplane Gliders (Fun) – ‘Love Is In The Air’ 12 for £11.99

If you have children at your wedding (so everyone right?), then this fun favour idea will keep everyone amused for hours.

  1. Make Your Own Bride and Groom Peg Doll Kit (Fun) – £4.75 each

As DIY wedding favour ideas go, this one is definitely original. Where this would lead? Maybe voodoo? Maybe something else? Either way, it’s guaranteed to generate some laughs.

Scroll Through Morse Toad's Chocolate Wedding Favours 

& Place Names

  1. Personalised Playing Cards (Fun) – Min Order 25 – £2.75 each

We love this cool favour idea. We imagine Aunty June and Uncle Toby playing some serious poker on holiday, all with cards with your grinning faces on.

  1. Bride and Groom Masks (Fun/Keepsake) – 10+ £3.50

Personalised masks of the bride and groom or your favourite celebrities! Create your modern day masked ball.

  1. Wedding Festival Wristbands – £1 each (Fun)

A wedding and a festival all rolled into one. These festival wedding favours will make your day a summer occasion to remember.

personalised chocolate


  1. Seeds – 50p each (Eco)

These will keep reminding guests of your special day! Could you get a more pretty reminder?

Our favourites are these Seed Paper Hearts by Wildflower Favours. Recycled, Eco and so damn cute!

charity wedding favour ideas

Image Credit: Ruffled Blog

  1. Charity Gift (Eco/Fun)

An charitable wedding favour idea with a social conscience. Pick a charity close to your heart and donate. Something for your guests and for others.

  1. Message Beanstalk Seeds (Eco)

This eco wedding favour idea is a metaphorical gem that embraces mother-nature at the same time.

  1. Lottery Ticket – From 50p each (Fun/DIY)

Wedding in a teacup provide these beautiful ‘Lucky in Love’ personalised lottery ticket holder. A fun and affordable wedding favour if you’re feeling lucky!

  1. Party Crackers – £4.99 for a pack of 8 (Fun) Minimum Cost Maximum Fun.

As unique wedding favour ideas go, this one isn’t the most original. But if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


  1. Personalised Notebook – Min order 24 – £2.75 each

Another nice and useful wedding favour idea, although more on the pricey side.

  1. Personalised Tote Bags (Personalised) – Min order 20

At Morse Toad, we love either a consumable favour or a practical one. Have you ever been at an event and wished you had a bag for your shoes or presents or something. Well, here you go! Full marks for usefulness for this original favour idea.

  1. Personalised Matches (Personalised) – £29 for 50 boxes

The perfect match. What a lovely sentiment! Isn’t that what a good wedding favour should be all about.

  1. Personalised Key Ring Hip Flasks (Personalised) – £6.95 each

For the smaller wedding for just for your nearest and dearest, but no less useful.

  1. Tea Towel (Personalised)

This is one of our favourite wedding favour ideas for its sheer usefulness. Everyone needs a tea towel.

win a gift

  1. Personalised Horseshoe Keepsake (Personalised)- £17.09 for 50

These pretty personalised wedding favours can be saved at home by your guests as a special reminder.

  1. Pin Badge (Personalised) – £30 for 50

Now every one of your wedding guests can also become a proud supporter with this badge pinned to them.

  1. Fridge Magnet (Personalised) – £1.85 (one free with every 10 ordered)

A fridge magnet may not be the most unique wedding idea, but frankly the fridge is much more appealing as a box of memories than a big silver box with cheese in it.

  1. Personalised Key Ring (Personalised) – £7.50 each

Who doesn’t need a keyring? Now every time they go to open the garden shed, they’ll think of you.

  1. Personalised Coin Wedding Favour (Personalised) – £1.60

For richer, for poorer. If there were any fears of gold digging on either side, these little wedding favours might dispel any fears.

  1. Personalised Candles – £43.64 for a set of 12

Light up the room with these pretty personalised wedding favours that will add a magical luminescent glow to the evening.

  1. Personalised Party Hats (Personalised) – £16 for a pack of 8

It wouldn’t be a party without a fun hat. Add some laughs with these party hat favours.

  1. Used Books (Personalised/DIY)

This might take a bit more time, but will cost you next to nothing. Perfect as a keepsake. Support your local charity shops and write notes to your guests inside!

  1. Personalised Lip Balms (Personalised) – £18.58 pack of 16

Another personalised wedding favour idea that certainly all the ladies will appreciate.

  1. Personalised Wooden Hearts (Personalised) – £12.50 for 25

Could be used as a wedding favour, or just as a decoration.

  1. Personalised Soap (Personalised) – From £3.50 each

This little touch will look and smell fab. And now smelly Uncle John might be encouraged to have a bath.

  1. ‘Take a Shot, We Tied the Knot’ Shot Glass (Personalised) – £65.13 for 72

A shot wedding favour. Give your guests that boost before the dancefloor opens, and now granny will have something to drink her sherry from when she gets home.


  1. Yankee Wedding Candles – £59.99 for a box of 40

Imagine a scene late on your wedding day, where the only light comes from the 100 candles lit across the room. Atmospheric or what! Candles to make it a classic traditional wedding favour.

  1. Sugared Almonds (Traditional/ DIY)

There are many ways to do this, however, if you would like these pretty lantern wedding favour boxes they can be found at Party Packs for £8.10 for 50 boxes

  1. Bride and Groom Tissues (Traditional) – 98p each

Help those tearful guests with a set of personalised tissues. Who says a wedding favour can’t be practical?

Thanks for reading our list of unique wedding favour ideas. We hope you find it useful.

Got a question about Morse Toad’s personalised chocolate wedding favours. Contact us for more info.

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