The Best Unique Advent Calendars

The Best Unique Advent Calendars

best advent calendar ideas

We absolutely love Christmas here at Morse Toad. Every year we try to find the most unique advent calendars that will make opening each advent window as exciting as possible. In this guide, you will find advent calendars for the whole family including toy advent calendars, beauty advent calendars, alcohol advent calendars and more.

Edible Advent Calendar For Those Who Love To Eat

Cheese Advent Calendar.

We love cheese. We would eat cheese every day if we could (arguably that's a life aspiration that's actually within our grasp but anyway). With this wonderful cheese calendar, you can. 

From Applewood, Mexicana and Jarlsberg, there's a cheese for every day. This is an edible advent calendar

So Wrong Its Nom

cheese advent calendar
personalised chocolate advent calendar

Secret Message Advent Calendar

Our own creation, this is a personalised chocolate advent calendar that allows you hide a message in chocolate behind each window. As the month passes by, your secret message is revealed. It's perfect as an advent calendar for grownups or as an advent calendar for kids. The only question is, what message will you write? Reveal a secret, give a clue to their Christmas present or add a funny message.

Morse Toad


Gourmet Marshmallow Advent Calendar.

For those with a sweet tooth, you will love indulging into this Unique marshmallow advent calendar. It is filled with six flavours which include: Salted Caramel, Butterscotch, Gingerbread, Mint Choc Chip, Milk & Cookies and S’mores!

You can also add a marshmallow toasting kits so that you can toast each marshmallow to gooey perfection.

Naked Marshmallow Calendar

marshmallow advent calendar
savoury advent calendar

Pork Scratching Advent Calendar.

Slightly more on the whacky side of things, check out this Pork Scratching Advent Calendar. For those of you who just can't get enough of your favourite porky snack, this calendar is definitely for you. If chocolate every day is a bit off-putting then perhaps a savoury advent calendar is for you. 

Snaffling Pig


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Frostbite Bakery Gourmet Advent Calendar.


There is no better way to celebrate Christmas than with this advent calendar for all the family full of slices of wonderful treats. 

This is one of the best advent calendars who want to share between the whole family. 


Isle Of Wight Cakes

cake calendar
chocolate advent calendar idea

Lily Obrien's Advent Calendar House

If you're into the display as much at the contents, then this advent calendar house is a must have. At £25 it seems good value, no mortgage required. 

Lily O'Briens


The 12 Curries Of Christmas

You don't get much more original than a Christmas curry calendar. Stepping away from the traditional wintery style calendar, each window delivers a taste of the orient of every day of December. If you're bored of typical Christmas fare then this one is an absolute winner.

The Spicery

curry christmas calendar
joe and sephs popcorn calendar

Joe & Seph’s Popcorn Advent Calendar.

This yummy advent calendar from posh popcorn makers Joe & Seph contains 24 bags of seasonally flavoured popcorn including salted caramel, toffee apple and cinnamon to indulge in. Fantastic to accompany your favourite Christmas films.



Protein Ball Advent Calendar

The words protein ball and advent calendar are not phrases you would expect to see together, but here it is. This is the advent calendar for that gym bunny you love. 

The Protein Ball Company

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Adult Advent Calendar.

Whiskey Advent Calendar

Extending the whiskey theme, this calendar cuts out the chocolate mentioned above and goes straight for the jugular. You risk turning yourself into a whiskey breathing monster but hey ho, it's Christmas, anything goes. 

Drinks By The Dram

tea advent calendar

Tea Advent Calendar

If a treat to you is a hot cup of high quality tea every morning, then this calendar will hit the spot. Sourcing different blends for different days, your calendar can be an exploration of what the world of tea has to offer. This unique Advent Calendar containing an assortment of family favourite sweets, would be perfect for any now with a sweet tooth. behind each door you will find a sweet including love hearts, chews and fruity gums.

Bird And Blend


That Boutique-y Gin Company Advent Calendar.

The perfect Advent Calendar for any gin-lover. Countdown to Christmas with 24 exceptional, handmade wax-sealed drams.


Master Of Malt

whiskey calendar
coffee advent calendar

Coffe Advent Calendar

Perfect for any coffee lovers out there.

The calendar contains twenty-five Nespresso compatible coffee pods in up to 13 flavours, giving the recipient the much needed daily caffeine boost they need to get them to Christmas Day. 

This Advent Calendar could be the life-saver you never knew you needed.

Each box is personalised with the recipient’s name, which is printed in the specially designed lid of the box that also features a scenic festive design.

The Letter Room

Whiskey Chocolate Advent Calendar.

Surely the best of both worlds, this advent calendar from the Quirky Gift Library combines whiskey and chocolate. You may have to ask yourself whether having your advent treat first thing in the morning classifies as having a problem? 

Quirky Gift Library

chocolate whiskey advent calendar

Beauty Advent Calendars

Kiehl's x Janine Rewell Eco Friendly Advent Calendar

Give your beauty addiction an eco-friendly update with Kiehl's advent calendar. It filled with your go-to Kiehl's products and this re-usable calendar arrives in minimal outer packaging that's made from a seeded paper bag so you can re-plant it in your garden and gift yourself some flowers for Christmas as well.


beauty advent calendar
cosmetics advent calendar

MAC Starring You Advent Calendar

This snazzy star-shape advent calendar contains every legendary MAC product you'll need this festive party season,  so why not shine this holiday season. 

Think Clear Lip glass, Velvet Teddy and Lady Danger lipsticks, Prep + Prime Fix + setting spray, and many more.

Mac Cosmetics

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Advent Calendars For Younger Kids.

advent calendar idea

Personalised Advent Calendar House

This advent calendar can be personalised to your specification, and then can be used year on year. Fill each draw with a little surprise for them to open each day. It has the added benefit of adding something pretty to your Christmas decorations. 

My 1st Years

Gingerbread House

Not actually made from gingerbread, this is another house that you can keep over the years and hide treats in each one. It's super cute and fun. The only drawback is that it is so realistic, you might find yourself wanting to eat the gingerbread cookies.

Ella James

gingerbread house advent calendar
advent calendar idea for kids

Vintage Circus Matchbox Advent Calendar 

This advent calendar is so aesthetically pleasing. Each date contains a beautiful matchbox containing anything you like. From sweets to chocolates, this advent calendar is a great one for the kids.  

In A MatchBox

Eggnog Colour-In Advent Pillowcase

A great one for any artist child .

A new colouring in Egyptian cotton pillowcase for Christmas filled with 24 Christmas illustrations to colourin. Perfect as an advent calendar.

Egg Nogg

colour in advent calendar

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Advent Calendar Ideas for Tweens And Teens.


Gemstone Geological Advent Calendar

A unique and original Advent Calendar with a difference. The Gemstone Geology Advent Calendar introduces a new gemstone every day - educational and fun.

 The personalised box is full of 24 individually packaged and numbered gemstones and fossils, all with an information card. One to open for each day of advent. 

There is also a drawstring cloth bag to keep the contents in once opened.

Auntie Mims

postbox calendar

Enamel Pin Christmas Advent

This year how about giving a advent calendar that keeps on giving? This enamel pin advent calendar is just the thing and perfect for boys and girls. The contents is plastic free and the gifts can last way beyond advent.  Each day will reveal a bright and colourful enamel pin, that can be worn over and over again. Designs include, festive icons such as Santa and Rudolph but also non festive ones too, including cactus, unicorns and lobsters, perfect for wearing all year round.

Postbox Party

It's Time to Treat Your Furry Friend to a unique Pet Advent Calendar This Christmas.

Bone Advent Calendar 

Santa Paws' is coming so why not count down his arrival with this bone shaped advent calendar! It includes 24 tasty treats, including carob & oat bones and a chicken big bite! You can then refill the calendar with more doggie treats to use year after year. 

Gift Pup

advent calendar for dogs
advent calendar for cats

Advent calendar for cats

Ok so it's just getting weird now. But then, if you love your moggy to pieces, why shouldn't they get an advent calendar too. With a cat friendly toy behind each door, this calendar will entertain them for hours. 



Christmas isn't just for kids you know. Everyone should get a stocking, everyone should pull a cracker, and everyone needs a good advent calendar to enjoy. We hope you like our advent calendar guide. We think there's something for everyone in the list above, from foodies to people who love a tipple. 


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