The Best Halloween Party Treat Ideas

The Best Halloween Party Treat Ideas

halloween party treat ideas

A Halloween party wouldn’t be complete without some Halloween party treats. We’ve put together a selection of the best Halloween party treat ideas. When organising Halloween, we know it's tricky to strike a balance. You want to be as fun and creative as possible, but you also have limited time and don’t want to break the bank. You’re happy to give out some sweets as its a special occasion, but would love your kids to eat something good for them. However you feel, we’ve tried to cover a variety of options.

Halloween is an excuse to throw a party and have some fun with your kids. Why not? Who doesn’t love to get dressed up, and when else in the year is dressing up guaranteed. The other best thing about Halloween is that you can have so much fun coming up with creative ideas to make your party amazing. No other special occasion offers such potential except of course, Christmas. 

1. The Party Treat Glove

This is such a simple but effective Halloween idea. All you need is some latex gloves that you can buy from any pharmacy. Stuff each one with sweets and hey presto, a halloween party treat that will add an extra level of spookiness to the party. 

halloween party treat

2. The Party Popcorn Glove

This one’s pretty much identical to number one, except this one is full of popcorn. When you’re trying to limit the volume of sweets, using popcorn makes a great alternative. Expect mess! Both glove ideas are super fast to put together which is obviously a bonus. 

easy halloween party idea

3. Ghostly Sweet Cups

Another simple Halloween idea that involves some paper cups and some bandages. 

halloween sweet treat

4. Tissue Paper Pumpkins

Wrap up your sweets in orange tissue. Bind the top with green tissue. Add some eyes or use a pen to draw on the pumpkin mouth and voila, you have a Halloween party idea that the kids will love, that is if they realise there are sweets inside. 

halloween party treat idea

5. Loo Roll Bats

This Halloween idea can be almost free. All it will take is a few minutes of your time and use up something you were going to throw away anyway. Grab some loo roll, cut out some wings, paint them black, add the eyes and hey presto, a halloween party decoration to be proud of. 

halloween party treat idea

6. Halloween Bat Crackers

This ones a bit like the tissue paper pumpkins, but in this case they’re bats. Use loo roll for the central section. Then all you need is some string, tissue and eyes. Don’t forget the eyes!!

halloween party crackers

7. Fossil Cookies

If you’re looking to make some edible Halloween party treats, then look no further than these fossil cookies. All you need is some spooky items to press into your cookies. Chances are, you’ll have spiders and skulls as part of your decorations so use them before you use them to decorate.

halloween party cookies

8. Spooky Animal Doughnuts

We love this, and it is oh so simple. With a combination of sweets and doughnuts, you can create whatever your imagination will allow: bats, cats, mice, or even spiders. Check out the instructions here.

halloween party treat idea

9. Ghost Pizza Bagels

What’s not to love about a ghost pizza bagel? Whilst still not particularly healthy, its not pure sugar like most things at Halloween. Fill them up on these as their main Halloween party food. The skill is probably making the cheese look like a ghost. 

best halloween treat idea

10. Mummy Pizzas

Just like above, but these are mummified. Arguably simpler to do than the ghost bagels. All you need is some thin strips of cheese and some artfully placed olives. Should only take 10 minutes to put together. 

halloween party pizza

11. A Vegetable Skeleton

Looking for a healthy Halloween treat idea. Ok so I don’t know many children who would tuck into celery and dip, but you can always try, and frankly it would be worth it just to impress your friends.

healthy halloween party treat

12. Worm Sandwich

For one of the best Halloween party ideas as a main meal, how about a worm sandwich. All you need is to cut some frankfurters into thin strips and cook them in a ketchup mix. 

funny halloween party treat

13. A Ghost Fruit Kebab

If you succeed in getting something healthy into your kids for Halloween then you’ve basically won at life. This ghostly fruit kebab might be your route into superstardom parenting. It’s a party treat idea that will set the gold standard of healthy Halloween.

fruit halloween party treat

14. Falafel Fingers

Which clever person realised that a falafel could be made to look a bit like a finger. Whoever it was is a genius. You could probably do it with other things like minced meat. Either way, this is a savoury Halloween treat that your kids will love and will minimise the sugar intake.

savoury halloween treat

15. Spooky Eyes For The Garden.

This is a simple Halloween party idea that will add a little something and take a minimal amount of your time. All you need is old loo rolls (again!) and some glow sticks. Once it gets dark you put the loo rolls in the bushes with the glow sticks inside. Genius.  

halloween idea

16. Dracula Dentures

Cookies, marshmallows and some fake edible blood (or icing). That’s all you need to create some frighteningly delicious Halloween treats that everyone will love. Yum yum.  

Check Them Out

halloween treat idea

17. Spooky Ghost Cookies.

If you know how to make a cookie then you’ll know how to make spooky ghost cookies. All you need is a cookie cutter and some icing skills, and you’ve got this halloween party in the bag.

Check Them Out

halloween ghost cookies

18. Jack Skellington Oreos

For maximum impact, you could make these lollipops. They look so impressive, but are actually pretty simple. If you can dip an Oreo into white chocolate, draw on some features and add it to a stick then you’ve got it made. 

Check Them Out

halloween party treat idea

So there you have it. A selection of Halloween party treat ideas so you can throw the best Halloween party ever this year. Thank you to our friends across the pond who are responsible for most of these ideas. In the US they take Halloween very seriously, and why not. Life’s too short not to throw a party whenever you can. 

Happy Halloween from Morse Toad! If you want to add some ideas to this list then let us know. Perhaps we can build the ultimate list ever. 

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