17 Personalised Daddy Gifts

17 Personalised Daddy Gifts

30 Gifts For New Dads

The best gifts for Dad are ones that you can personalise. We love beautiful, unique and thoughtful gifts that can be personalised to make the ultimate present for that special person, Dad. We’ve collected some of our favourite ideas that cover a full range of different personalisation options. These will be personalised Daddy gifts to remember.

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  1. Personalised Sterling Cufflinks With Handwritten Signatures On

Sterling Cufflinks With Handwritten Signatures

Don’t give plain old cufflinks. These sterling silver cufflinks will be the prize of Daddy’s wardrobe. With each family member’s signature engraved on the front and a special message engraved on the back, this is a personalised Daddy gift he’s going to absolutely love.

Sally Clay, £83

  1. Personalised Oak Blocks Coat And Key Rack Story

Personalised Oak Blocks Coat And Key Rack Story

We love this piece by MijMoj design. It’s an opportunity to give something that will be of permanent use in Dad’s house, and you also have the opportunity to say something nice that he will see every time he leaves the house.

MijMoj Design, £74

  1. Personalised Holdall

Personalised Holdall

A little personalisation can add something special to a gift. These attractive bags are both practical, look cool and have the added benefit of your own insignia sown on.

Duncan Stewart, £50

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  1. Personalised Lollipop Face

Personalised Lollipop Face

Where were we before someone invented these? One gloriously massive lollipop of Dad’s face. It’s a game changer. Enough said.

Spun Candy, £50

  1. Personalised Collage Of Your Kids Drawings

Personalised Collage Of Your Kids Drawings

This is one of our favourite ideas. Collecting and keeping all of your kids artwork can be a challenge. This company will scan each drawing and frame it, making something really attractive to go on the wall, as well as immortalising those wonderful little early expressions. This is a personalised gift for Dad he’s going to love.

Picmeart, £35

  1. Personalised Dad Photo Book


If you have time then making Dad is very own book of all the memories you have together is a wonderful way to let Dad know how much you care about him.

Photobox, £35

  1. Personalised Greatest Dad Jigsaw


If your Dad loves a puzzle then this is the personalised Daddy gift for you. Not only does it say he’s the best, but it also can be centred around a postcode of your choice. This one will keep smiling all Sunday afternoon.

All Jigsaw Puzzles, £29.99

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  1. The Book Of Everyone


This is a great book that delves into the era that Dad was born into. You can personalised the Daddy gift with messages and memories to make it a truly special present.

The Book Of Everyone, £23.99

  1. Daddy & Me’ Story

Daddy & Me’ Story

Celebrate that special relationship between Father and Child with this unique book about your Dad - a perfect personalised Daddy gift this Father's Day.

Dad and the child or children can enjoy reading together. Personalised throughout with what your Dad loves - from food, his car, hobbies and job (see below for full story). The front cover is printed with the child's name as the author and both Dad and the childs name picked out in stars. This one is bound to bring a tear to the eye.

Letterfest, £22


  1. Personalised Word Shape Poster

3. posterhaste

This gift is a great personalised Daddy gift that will add something unique to the wall. Write down every word that comes to mind when thinking about Daddy, then get this company to combine it into an aesthetic poster in the shape of his favourite thing.

Posterhaste, From £20

  1. Personalised ‘My Dad’ Book


Similar to the book above, this personalised ‘my dad’ book is a great gift for your children to give their Dad for Father’s Day, or for any other special occasion. Packed full of personal details about Dad, each book is entirely unique to the recipient.

From Lucy, £19.95

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  1. Personalised Collage Canvas


Every Dad wants to have memories of their wonderful family. This collage from Photobox is a relatively affordable way to get some wonderful images on the wall, and it’s a gift Dad will love.

Photobox, £17.99

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  1. Personalised Child’s Drawing Leather & Wood Keyring


This is such a good gift. Get your little one to draw their daddy, then get it transposed onto a keyring for him to treasure. It’s amazing. We love it.

Urban Twist, £14.45

  1. Personalised Beer Bottle Opener


What Dad doesn’t want a beer bottle opener available whenever the thirst grabs him. Will this one can be personalised as well, so think of something witty or thoughtful to say for him to read every time he has a beer.

The Vale Engraving Company, £10.95


  1. Personalised Mini Me Mug


This is a cute mug that you can personalise especially for Dad so that every time he has a cupt of tea, he can think about his awesome family.

This is Nessie, Starts at £9.75

  1. Personalised Message Wallet Keepsake


This stylish wallet keepsake is a perfect personalised Daddy gift that he’ll really love every time he opens his wallet.

Ellie Ellie, £9

  1. Personalised Wooden Photo Frame


This simple gift can pack a big punch. All you need is a great photo of Dad and his family, combined with a nice message, and you’ve got yourself a perfect personalised daddy gift for him this Father’s Day.

Personalised Gift Shop, £5.99

That wraps up our personalised Daddy gifts. We hope we sparked some good ideas for you. If you have any feedback or recommendations that you would like to add to the list, we’d love to hear from you.

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