17 First Father's Day Gift Ideas

17 First Father's Day Gift Ideas

father's day gifts from baby

The first Father’s Day is undoubtedly the most special. It’s a significant moment in any man’s life that should be celebrated with extra enthusiasm. That’s why we’ve put together a list of thoughtful Father’s Day gifts from baby. From the practical to the eternal, we hope you find them useful.


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  1. Daddy And Me Illustration


Some gifts can last forever, and this is one. This company take your favourite photo and illustrate it for you, marking the special occasion of Daddy’s first fathers day.

Letterfest. £42

  1. Personalised Daddy & Baby Bear Set

2 Sparks & Daughters normal_personalised-daddy-and-baby-bear-set

Cute alert! This one speaks for itself. Imagine both of your favourite people dressed up in adorable matching outfits. What’s not to love? Papa Bear and Baby Bear together as one happy little family. Perfect as a Father’s Day gift from baby, you can even get one for yourself. Is there such a thing as too cute?

Sparks & Daughters. £30

  1. Personalised Mug For New Dads

3 Beck Broome normal_personalised-mug-for-new-dads

The best gifts are useful, and what’s more useful than a coffee cup. A tasteful and personal addition to your mug collection, Dad can feel a sense of fatherly pride every time he has a cup of coffee in the morning.

Becky Broome. £23.75

  1. First Father's Day Memory Box

4. original_first-father-s-day-memory-box

Capture their first moments with Daddy in words and photos, then create a collection of memories to be stored in Daddy’s First Father’s Day Memory Box.

Martha Brook £22

  1. Instax Photo Printer

5. Instax photo printer

Fancy spending a little more. This is a Father’s day gift from baby that will revolutionise how you record the memories of your growing little baby. If you’re anything like us, you take a lot of photos but don’t do anything with them. With this printer, you have a polaroid image within seconds using this snazzy printer, allowing you to immediately pin it to the fridge or your memory board. It also forces you to curate your photos so only the best ones get printed.

Instax. £150

  1. The Dad Hoodie

6. Dad Hoodie Model_02_768x

Practical and cool, the dad hoodie allows Dad to be prepared at all times by having all necessary items on his person at all times. And he can still maintain his street cred!!!! It’s the ultimate in Dad gift. It might also mean that Dad is more on the ball with his parenting skills, which, let’s be honest, isn’t often as first class as Mum (apologies to all Dad’s who are first class).

The Dad Hoodie, $90. Could perhaps also be found in the UK.

Gift from Bump


  1. Handprint Footprint Kit

1 Stomp Stamps normal_daddy-s-magic-inkless-handprint-footprint-kit

This company provide a safe printing kit so you can record those adorable little feet and hands. We tried to find a site but couldn’t so are linking to Not On The High Street instead. Alternatively, you could find some safe paint, some paper and a frame and make it yourself. Either way, it’s a timeless Fathers’ Day gift from baby that he can treasure for ever.

Stomp Stamps, £13.50

  1. Personalised Leather 'Day You Became My…' Keyring

2 Create Gift Love normal_personalised-the-day-you-became-my-leather-key-ring

This local company to us make loads of delightful personalised things out of leather and wood. They’re site is definitely worth a visit. We picked out this leather keyring, perfect as a little keepsake to record a very special birthday.

Create Gift Love, £15

  1. Personalised 1st Father's Day Bear Socks

3. Sparks & Daughters normal_personalised-1st-father-s-day-bear-socks

Much like the outfits above, this a a slightly cheaper personalised Father’s Day gift from baby that will remind him of his family every time he puts on his shoes.

Sparks & Daughters. £15

  1. Man Vs Baby

4. Man vs baby

Now technically, a parenting book wouldn’t necessarily constitute a gift. It’s more something that should just be bought anyway. Not a celebration, but an exercise in homework to ensure the safe upbringing of the new born. That being said, this book delivers advice through the prism of hilarious cynicism that might lend some humour and comradery to the less pretty aspects of parenthood. I’m directing you to the blog, but the book can be found anywhere online.

Man Vs Baby. Approx. £14

  1. Tile


This is a handy little device that Dad can attach to his keys or anything that has a knack for going astray. When lost, all Dad’s need to do is check the app, get the tile to ring, and hey presto. I own many many of these. They have added years to my life that otherwise would have been wasted trying to find things. When Daddy is tired and strung out, this Tile might be his saviour.

Tile, £20

  1. Personalised Socks


What Dad doesn’t want a pair of socks adorned with his beautiful face as well as some words of adoration. Wherever he goes, he can proudly reveal is Dad awesomeness by casually lifting his troursers.

Sockssmile, £19.99


  1. Personalised Keyring


This website is a lovely find for cute handmade keyrings, perfect as a token Father’s Day gift that he can treasure forever.

Kutuu, £10

  1. Superdad Cookie

2.superdad cookie

Who doesn’t love a giant cookie? This one’s a neat gift for a new day that’s under £10. You can even add a gift message.

Ooh & Aah, £7.50

Father's Day Chocolates
  1. Worlds Best Dad Mug


It’s great to show Dad a little appreciation. With his ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug, Dad will feel appreciated every single time he has a cup of tea. Imagine that!

Old English Company, £9.95

  1. Cookie Card


A greetings card and a cookie mix all in one. All Dad needs to do is pop it in the oven and ‘Hey Presto’, instant cookie. Why send a card, when you can send a cookie card instead?

BakedIn, £4

  1. Personalised Fridge Magnet


New babies are all about the memories, and what better way to remember them than fix them to the fridge, so you can smile every time you look at them. This is a Father’s Day gift from baby he’ll absolutely love.

Snapfish, £2.99

We hope you found our Father’s day gifts from baby ideas useful. Let us know if you have any ideas you’d like to add to the list.

We also created an article for homemade Father’s Day gift ideas, you can view it here.

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