17 Edible Birthday Gift Ideas

17 Edible Birthday Gift Ideas

Edible birthday gift

Here at Morse Toad, we’re keen on a birthday gift that you can actually wrap your chops around. After all, you can’t eat a card. And there’s something about having something yummy to eat on your birthday that is your right as a human being. If there’s a day to let loose and eat whatever you want then your birthday is surely it. That’s why we have compiled a list of our favourite edible birthday gift ideas so you can give the gift of ‘delicious’ on their birthday.

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  1. Chocolate Brownies

1. Sweet Reason Brownies

Everyone needs cake on their birthday. This wonderful company make gorgeous brownies. None of this dry brittle malarkey, but soft gooey slices of heaven. Choose from your favourite type, or go for a bumper selection. You can even include tea.

The Sweet Reason Company

  1. Sticky Toffee Letterbox Cake

2. Luckrafts_Cakes28097

What’s not to love about sticky toffee cake arriving through your letterbox. If ever there was a way to brighten someone’s day, this would be it. At £8.50, it’s also a bargain. It looks like they don’t have their own site yet so here’s a market place link.

Luckcraft Cakes

  1. Ooh & Aah

3. Cookie ooh & aah

We’re big fans of this company. There are dozens of options for your cookie, but ultimately it's the recipient who will be oohing and aahing when they get this edible birthday gift the post. An inexpensive way to make their birthday a good one.

Ooh And Aah

personalised chocolate

  1. Millies’ Cookies

4. final_happybirthdayballoons cookie

From one cookie to another. The best thing about this edible birthday gift idea is that they are ginormous. It’s basically a cookie pizza which is great for sharing around. You can even make it a double which I think means another whole cookie on top….like a cake. Basically, it's a winner for anyone who loves cookies and would also benefit from sharing it around.

Millies Cookies

  1. Quirky Gift Library

5. Scotch-Eggs_2_1024x1024

A birthday should involve a drink right? Or some celebratory chocolate? Or both?

Is it true? Can it be? Enter the wacky and weird chocolate scotch egg with real whisky. As a gift-giver, you are guaranteed to hit both birthday requirements and give them something eggcellent to talk about all day.

Quirk Gift Library

  1. The Mallows

5. the-mallows_35330

They’ve taken a seemingly innocuous thing (a marshmallow) and added a whole does of personality to it. Depending on whose birthday it is, there is a suitable mallow to add some colour to their day.

Beyond Living

  1. Smith & Sinclair

6. eat your drink foryou1

These guys are just cool. Much like the whiskey chocolates above, but somehow more chic and refined. For that birthday person who wants just the right note of cool sugary goodness packed in with a dose of hard liquor, these guys are the perfect match.

Smith & Sinclair

Happy birthday mummy
  1. Bombe Squad

7 hot-chocolate-bombes_34276

Featured on Firebox, these look incredible. Look out for the videos online. It takes hot chocolate to a whole new visceral experience. Just add hot milk, and then watch your bomb disintegrate before your eyes. Definitely a winning edible birthday gift.

Chocolate Bombes

  1. Flump Face

8. flump-face_34799

Another one from Firebox. This involves your face printed on a marshmallow, which, when you think about it, makes the perfect gift if you can’t be there in person. They can then celebrate their birthday with you by eating your face. It’s abstract for sure, even weird, but then who cares.


  1. Snak Pak

9. Small+Hamper-7887

A nod to all the vegans out there. This company specialises in edible birthday gift delivery packs full of all sorts of tasty goodies. You had me at ‘Himalayan Salt Popcorn’.

Snak Pak

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Not everyone’s a sweet person, so here’s a collection of our favourite savoury edible birthday gift ideas.

  1. Pong Cheese

1. The-Ultimate-Pong-Box_GREY_1280x800

Great name. Great gift idea. If it was my birthday I’d want the subscription. But then I love cheese to a crazy level. I’ve linked to the smelliest option, naturally!

Pong Cheese

  1. Pasta Evangelists

2. prawngirasoli_cc721cc7-3ce0-4bb4-8ae1-73ef35759150_1024x1024

I love the idea of sending someone a meal to prepare with instructions. I’ve now used these guys a couple of times and have always got a great response. It encourages the recipient to take some time out with someone and enjoy a really good home-cooked meal. 10 out of 10.

Pasta Evangelists

  1. The Spicery

2. Spicy curry subscription

Much like the above, this edible birthday gift can be a real adventure for food lovers out there. Often people can’t afford these food delivery services, nor do they ever think to research their own meal. When they get a box like this, it can trigger an evening of exotic creativity that will have them chatting for days.

The Spicery

chocolate gift

  1. Meat Box

3. biltong-box1080

Here’s one for the meat lovers out there. I’ve selected the South African option as they may have some more exotic meat options out there.


  1. The Dirty Vegans

naked marshmallow

This marshmallow toasting kit packs the double punch of yummy treats combined with toasting experience, perfect for a cosy edible birthday gift idea.

The Dirty Vegans

  1. The British Hamper Company

6 Luxury-Vegan-Hamper-at-The-British-Hamper-Company-Main-Image

If you want to go the extra mile, then hamperise your gift. I’ve included their vegan option here, but ultimately, this is the destination for all edible birthday gifts. Big on quantity. Big on quality.

The British Hamper Company

  1. Fine Cheese

8 20170814_shine_a_light_bday_cake_16386_m_b_

To finish off, cheese cake. It's delivered complete with popper and candle! For the people (like me) out there who consider cheese as their reason for being, their desert island luxury, their proof that there is a higher power that looks after us, then this is the gift for them.

Fine Cheese

birthday chocolates

So that’s a wrap for our selection of edible birthday gift ideas. We hope you liked our suggestions. Here’s to rewarding those high achievers in your life.

If you’re interested in guest posting for us, we are looking for people to create homemade gift instructions, including photos and video. If interested, do get in touch. We’ll pay for any articles we use.


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