14 Funny Father’s Day Gifts

14 Funny Father’s Day Gifts


Whether your Dad is the funniest guy on the planet, or his bad jokes deserve a place in the hall of fame of cringe, he might appreciate a funny Father’s Day gift. If your Dad is hard to buy for then this list is for you.

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  1. Get A Classical Or Modern Painting Made With Your Face In It

Get A Classical Or Modern Painting Made With Your Face In It

This is pure genius. It’s probably expensive, and only seems to exist in the US, but can you put a price on comedy? Find your favourite Renaissance painting, or perhaps a well-known poster or political graphic, then get it reproduced with Dad’s face in. Now, whenever Dad goes to his office or shed, he can view an enormous painting of himself…..Napoleon Dadaparte.

Noblified, $200 or more

  1. Custom Bobblehead

Custom Bobblehead

Get your own personalised Dad bobblehead for him to keep on his desk or in his car. Wherever he goes, his bobblehead will bobble with him adding smiles to his day.

Custom Bobbly, £50+

  1. Banana Phone

Banana Phone

Exactly as it sounds. This links to your phone so you can speak on your banana phone whenever you want. With this funny Father’s Day gift, Dad will never have a boring conversation again!

Bananaphone, $40

personalised chocolate

  1. Send A Box Of Sustainably Sourced Meat

Send A Box Of Sustainably Sourced Meat

Give your Dad a taste of high-quality meat. These deliveries comprise of meat farmed and produced using traditional and sustainable practices, resulting in an incredibly delicious produce that is a wholly different taste experience to mass produced supermarket meat. For a small box, £39.50 gets you 20 servings.

Field and Flower, £39.50+

  1. Game Of Thrones Monopoly

Funny Father’s Day Gifts

Suddenly the traditional Monopoly game takes on a whole new meaning when imagining the world of GOT. No doubt this Monopoly is a lot more violent as well.

Hanbro, approx.. £30

  1. Father’s Day Mystery Box

Father’s Day Mystery Box

We can’t say much about this. Why? Because it’s a mystery. And everyone loves a mystery.

Firebox, £29.99

  1. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

Prepare yourself for this one. It’s not for the faint hearted. It breaks every politically correct rule in the book and will have you wincing and laughing in equal measure. This is a funny Father’s day gift that will have the whole room in stitches.

Cards Against Humanity, £25

chocs for dad
  1. A Cup For Every Day Of The Week

A Cup For Every Day Of The Week

If your Dad is the cynical type, then let him relish in his misery with a cup for every day of the week expressing exactly how he feels. Work sucks!

Firebox, £24.99


  1. Head Case Travel Cover


If your Dad becomes a monster every time you travel, why not get him a head case travel cover to lighten the mood. With everyone laughing at the airport, he’ll have to crack a smile.

Firebox, £19.99

  1. Dartboard Beach Towel

3. beach towel darts

Forget the boring traditional beach towel, this funny Father’s day gift doubles up as a dartboard as well, complete with Velcro balls for throwing. Now next trip you can spend all day competing, and dad can stay dry as well. It’s a win win.

Genie Gadgets, £16.95

personalised chocolate
  1. Lifting Dumbbell Beer Glass

2. lifting-dumbbell-beer-glass-_a

Dad can practice for the beer Olympics with this hilarious dumbbell beer glass, perfect for the gym lover. Beer’s a great recovery drink isn’t it?

Getting Personal, £14.99

  1. Eye Glass Holder

Eye Glass Holder

If your Dad is always losing his glasses, then this is a funny Father’s day gift that will give him a place to put them, as well as provide an amusing addition to the room.

Uncommon Goods, £13.50

chocolates for dad
  1. Never Ending Fart Card

Never Ending Fart Card

Some funny Father’s day gifts can’t be beaten. This one is hilarious. This card emits fart noises for three hours. It gets louder whenever they press the button to stop it. And if he tries to rip it open, glitter falls everywhere. The aim here will be to make sure he opens it in the office or somewhere surrounded by lots of people.

Firebox, £11.99


  1. Breakfast Socks


It’s the most important meal of the day, so they say. If your Dad is a stickler for a solid hearty breakfast, then let him take his breakfast everywhere with him. Each pair has an element of his full English.

Soxy, £9.95

  1. Half Pint Glass

2. half pint glassfullsize_c

If your Dad struggles to keep up with the beers at the weekend, why not give him a half measure.

Genie Gadgets, £6.95

So that’s a wrap for our selection of funny Father’s Day gifts. We hope you liked our suggestions. Here’s to having a chuckle with your dad this Father’s day.

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