14 Father’s Day Food Gift Ideas

14 Father’s Day Food Gift Ideas

Father's Day Food Gifts

The way to every man’s heart is his stomach, and Dad’s are no exception. Nothing delights a man more than a little bit of what tickles his taste buds. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favourite Father’s Day food gift ideas, curated by none other than a soon to be dad himself.

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  1. Monthly Steak Gift Box

1. steak-gift-box

If your Dad is a meat eater, nothing can quite compete with a delivery of high quality produce from the butcher’s block, perfect for making outstanding seasonal dishes. From a selfish point of view, if you live in the same house as your Dad, there’s a high chance you might benefit from a gift like this. Make no mi-steak, this Father’s Day gift is a sure fire winner.

Farmisons & Co. £70

  1. Happy Man Hamper

14 Just So Italian

For the man who loves all things Italian, this hamper has got it all. From cheese to wine to charcuterie and everything inbetween, this foodie gift is a dream come true for anyone passionate about Italian food. If your Dad loves a taste of all things.

Just So Italian £65

  1. Make Your Own Craft Beer Starter Kit

Home Brewing Kit

Beer. Man’s best friend for millennium. If ever there is a topic that can be gladly discussed in never-ending meticulous detail, then it’s beer. If your Dad is the type to try every beer available, then perhaps it’s time to step up his beer game with this starter pack. No longer will it be a mere observer of the beautiful liquid, now he will become a connoisseur and creator. This is a gift for Dad that’s sure to cure any ale-ments!

Home Brewtique. £59.99

Personalised Chocolate

  1. The CrossFit Box Healthy Hamper


If your Dad is a fitness fanatic, then this is an edible surprise that will make the perfect Father’s Day gift. Containing protein powders, rolled oats, snack bars and rehydration drinks, this gift is sure to help your Dad achieve those fitness goals in double quick time.

Seventeen and Green.£58

  1. Classic Cheese Box

6. TraditionalCheeseBox

This website is a goldmine for anyone with even an inkling of an attraction towards cheese. If your Dad loves a bit of cheese after a meal, or at any time of day, then a cheese box will literally make his day. There’s all sorts of options to choose from, so whatever you go for, I know he’ll think you’re grate!

Forman & Field. £48.50

  1. Artisan Sausage Rolls Mixed Flavour Selection (Box of 16)

8. Artisan Sausage

Someone way back when invented sausage rolls. Let’s hope that person got a medal or a knighthood or something. Little Jack Horners do a cracking job at delivering sausage roll goodness straight to your dad, and in my view, deliveries don’t get much better than that. This is a unique gifts for dad that won’t disappoint. After all, your Dad is your roll-model.

Little Jack Horners. £48

Father's day chocolates
  1. Fit Vegan Protein Hamper Gift Box


Not every man is a carnivore. Finding a gift for vegan’s or vegetarians isn’t always easy. This company specialise in gifts for those people. This awesome gift box is jam-packed with some of the best vegan protein based products available. Make his father’s day a vegan father’s day.

The Goodness Project. £40.50

  1. Premium Scottish Single Malt Whisky Set

4. Wisky Tasting. premium_single_malt

From my point of view, whisky is not something I know much about. All I know is that I like it. I would love nothing more than a delivery introducing me to the huge variety that whisky has to offer, and all in small tasting bottles, perfect for a wee dram amongst friends. Let your Dad know how great he is. After all, being a Dad is a whisky business.

The Whisky Tasting Company. £39.95

  1. Chilli Sauce Man Box Gift Set

7. Man-box-1-e1510060762604

If your Dad is the type to validate his place in the male pecking order via the medium of obscenely spicy sauce, then this gift is the piano to his concerto. Spice things up with the perfect Father’s Day gift. Give him a platform to prove his manliness whilst you can all sit back and bathe in his magnificent prowess!?!

The Smokey Carter. £27

  1. The Great Taste Charcuterie Hamper And Box

5. The Real Cure venison_selection

Another one for the meat lovers out there, this charcuterie hamper is a foodie gift for Dad that will definitely ‘meat’ his expectations.

Real Cure. £26.

  1. The Spicers Curry Legend Cookbook Kit

3. The Spicers Curry Legend Cookbook Kit

If your Dad prefers the edible gift variety, then it’s a fair assumption that he probably likes to cook. What better gift than this cookbook kit complete with the necessary spices in a beautiful spice tin. Add something exotic to your Dad’s culinary skills and look forward to the next time it’s his turn to cook. We would give it a naan our of ten!

The Spicery. £25.

Chocolate gift for dad


  1. World's Best Cricketer Father's Day Cookies

12. Worlds Best Dad Cookie Cricket

For the cricket fan out there, this cute little cricket themed cookie is sure to put a smile on his face. Howzat!

Marie's Bakehouse. £12

  1. Father's Day Cake Card

10 Fathers_day_cake_card_1

It’s father’s day. Surely that means cake right? Well this company will deliver your cake directly to your Dad. It beats a plain old paper card. Your father’s day gift will be a ‘piece of cake’!

Yummycard. £10


  1. SuperDAD Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

SUPERDAD Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

And finally, last but not least, foodie gifts don’t get much better than a giant cookie. When asked what their most desirable treat was back when they 11 years old, I’d bet that ‘giant cookie’ was high on the list. Fast forward a few years, and that 11-year-old within is still waiting for his giant cookie. Years have passed, and yet this Father’s Day food gift will remind him he is forever young.

Ooh&Aah. £7.50

So that’s a wrap for our selection of Father’s Day food gifts. We hope you liked our ideas. For the man who has everything, we think food makes the perfect gift simply because it delivers an experience more than a thing. When we all have too many things anyway, a delicious foodie experience might be something they’ve never had before, and is sure to be something they won’t forget.

Happy shopping. We hope you find the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Chocolate gift for dad


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