12 Of The Best Letterbox Friendly Gifts

12 Of The Best Letterbox Friendly Gifts

letterbox friendly gifts

The post is a tried and tested way to message someone. For centuries we have penned our heartfelt thoughts, packed our beloved gifts and wrapped our parcels, all to be sent via the mailman and delivered to your door. The first ever letterboxes came into use in Paris in the late 18th century, and continued to be installed throughout the 19th century all over the world. Letters have been the dominant form of communication ever since.

It’s only recently, however, that deliveries beyond a letter have been considered with a letterbox in mind. The rise of the internet and the subsequent explosion of digital communication risked making letterbox obsolete. Whilst the flow of the humble letter has indeed diminished, there has been a marked increase in the letterbox friendly delivery, especially letterbox friendly gifts. With almost all houses having a convenient opening in the front of their home with the same basic dimensions, the letterbox represents an opportunity to send somebody something without inconveniencing them. As we all know, anything that doesn’t fit through the letterbox is likely to return to the Post Office and a visit there is always a bother. Who wants that added to their day? And so, “letterbox friendly” is now a sought after aspect of our modern day delivery service. 

letterbox friendly

These days, you can send a wealth of letterbox friendly items to your nearest and dearest. Whether it’s a birthday, a thank you, or if someone has got engaged, sending them a surprise in the post is a great way to put a smile on their face. We’ve collected a list of our favourite items.

Christmas Tree

All we have to say about this is ‘Bravo’. Someone in a meeting room somewhere said, ‘lets ship a tree’ through the letterbox and everyone laughed and said ‘how ridiculous’. Well here it is. One fully formed letterbox friendly live Christmas tree. Awesome.

Bloom & Wild

letterbox friendly gift
letterbox friendly gift idea


This company ships wine in plastic bottles that fit through the letterbox. It might be hard to get your head around the bottle when weighing up the quality of its contents, but ultimately the point is, you can deliver wine direct to someone in need. What’s not to love?

Garcon Wines


Our company specialises in personalised chocolate delivered through the letterbox. You are able to write up to 44 characters in letterbox friendly chocolate letters, which means you can express your inner most thoughts, your heartfelt gratitude or your happy congratulations, and with each delicious chocolate letter they’ll know you really mean it. Everyone loves chocolate. Everyone loves a chocolate delivery even more.

Morse Toad


letterbox friendly gift
letterbox friendly gift


Cake in the post. It’s what dreams are made of. Throw in some of the above wine and there’s no point leaving the house. Pyjama day it is. This company allows you to write a message too which is pretty cool. 

Cake Nest


win a gift


Somehow I have managed to list Bloom & Wild three times on this list. But then that must be testament to their product. Maybe they’ll send me some succulents as a thank you. Anyway, I love succulents. They’re pretty and require minimum effort to keep alive. And here, once again, they’ve cracked how to send them through the letterbox.

Bloom And Wild





letterbox friendly
letterbox friendly gift


Some clever soul managed to condense a wicker hamper and make it letterbox friendly. For someone who is a bit of a foodie, why not try a letterbox hamper. Complete with biscuits, snacks and drinks, it will put a smile on everyone’s face.

Letterbox Hamper




You can send goodness in the post? I know right. If your friend is more health conscious and would not appreciate the distraction of a cake arrival, then the Goodness Project is surely the answer. Complete with healthy snacks, this letterbox friendly gift will deliver big smiles, not big waistlines.

Goodness Project




letterbox friendly gift
letterbox friendly

Flapjacks & Brownies

In case of emergency, send cake. This aptly titled company do just that. Whatever the needs of your nearest and dearest, hit the ‘send cake’ button and hey presto, brownies and flapjacks delivered through the letterbox. This company’s cake is of the highest calibre.

Send Cake




The traditional gift of the romantics, flowers are fail safe. Whatever the occasion, everybody loves flowers. But how do they get through the letterbox? Good question. Some kind of Jedi magic, that’s how. Bloom & Wild here will deliver a bunch of your choosing to your special someone. You can even subscribe.

Bloom And Wild



letterbox friendly
letterbox friendly gift


Last but not least, we had to mention this cute little set of whiskeys. Something about the small tasting set really appeals. For that person in your life who loves a tipple, this is a letterbox friendly gift they will really love.

Letterbox Gifts




win a gift

Gin & Tonic

Hot off the press, we found this company have launched gin pouches in order for you to refill your existing bottle. It’s actually genius. Rather than continue to buy bottles, you just buy the first one. Then, when you need it, you reorder a letterbox friendly gin pouch that will arrive on your doormat. Bottle reloaded, send the pouch back to the distillers. No waste. It’s brilliant. Once again, no need to leave the house every again.

Dunnet Bay Distillers


letterbox friendly gift
letterbox friendly gift


A simple for those sweet tooth folks out there, aka your kids. Pick from a wealth of sweetie options and you have yourself a letterbox friendly gift that will delight the recipients and even your local dentist. 

Sweets In The Post





So there it is. The letterbox friendly gift selection. We hope we’ve covered everything. If you have other ideas, please message us. 

In the meantime, for any special occasion, if you want to create the perfect letterbox friendly gift complete with yummy chocolate letters and an uploaded photo, then visit MorseToad.com and deliver a big smile through their letterbox. 


personalised chocolate

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