12 Daddy To Be Gifts From Bump

12 Daddy To Be Gifts From Bump

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What do you get as a gift for a Daddy To Be? We asked ourselves the same question. Luckily there’s a load of super awesome gifts out there that we know the soon-to-be Dad will love. They might even assist him in his future parenting. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite ‘Daddy To Be Gifts From Bump’. We hope you find them useful.

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  1. Instax Photo Printer


Memories. Both parents are about to enter a realm where every moment may need to be recorded and treasured. This printer makes that memory making so simple. The problem with digital things is that they sit on a computer, never to be seen unless you’re organised enough to sift through the millions of images you have taken. With this printer, as soon as an image is taken, it can be printed and fixed to a board, fridge or placed in a book. We’re confident this will become invaluable in the early days of becoming a Dad.

Instax. £150

  1. Buy a tree

5. normal_oak-tree-new-baby-gift

So for the green folks out there, this present is an amazing way to mark the occasion of your child’s birth. If you plant it at the same time, then your daddy-to-be and baby will be able to engage with mother nature, knowing there’s a tree outside that’s been growing every since your baby was created.

Glut, £45

  1. Personalised My First Scan Frame


One beautiful baby scan and nowhere to put it. Why not make the moment in time by ordering this frame complete with personalisation immediately below. It will make the perfect addition to your home, and may be the perfect Father’s Day ‘Daddy To Be’ Gift.

Instax. £25

  1. I’m Pregnant Mug

4.Mug New-Im-pregnant

When it’s all about the big reveal, this cannot be beaten. I would love love love to be a fly on the wall and watch this one play out. Imagine Dad smiling at the fact that his wife has generously made him a cup of tea on father’s day……and only when he finishes it does the true gift be delivered. This is a Daddy To Be gift to be remembered.

Gemma Wight Ceramics, £22

  1. Weekend Babymoon Break

3. bb-1024x681

Ok so not a gift you can wrap, but Father’s Day is an opportunity to spend some time together before your world gets turned on its head. Why not surprise Daddy to be with a gift that will allow you both to relax and rest? Together you can cherish each other’s company and will look back at that weekend as the last time before your family grew in size and noise level.

Google, price unknown

gift from bump


  1. You’re Going To Be A Dad Socks

2. Socks big-1

Big in the cute front, why not buy him a set of new socks complete with matching socks for the little one. They look so tiny in comparison it’s bound to bring a tear to his eye.

Pooters, £15

  1. Father’s Day Keyring From Bump

1. Keyring daddyfd

A gorgeously cute cherry wood wooden key ring engraved with lovely wording for the Daddy (or Grandparent) to be! This Personalised Father’s Day Daddy To Be gift from bump is an ideal keepsake gift from his unborn child to get them even more excited for the new arrival.

Love Up, £13.99

  1. The Man Behind The Bump Mug


A lovely Daddy To Be gift idea. It’s a jovial mug to celebrate his partners growing bump and all the excitement that comes along with it. It will be a lovely surprise gift to use every day when he has a cup of tea!

Ellie Ellie, £13

win a prize


  1. The Expectant Father

1. Expectant Father

Some men may go straight out and purchase everything they need to know about parenting. For everyone else, they might really appreciate a little background reading presented to them. This book combines useful insight with a little humour, so its an easier read than some others on the market.

Can be found on any online bookstore, approx. £5-£10

  1. Morse Code ‘You’re Going To Be A Daddy’ Keepsake

4. Morse Code

We love this one. If you’re the type who loves a drawn-out surprise, then this will hit the nail on the head. Imagine what goes through his mind as he slowly works out his morse code message, only to find out he’s going to be a daddy. Not only that, he can keep it in his wallet for ever. This one’s a gem.

Ellie Ellie, £7

  1. Father’s Day Scan Photo Card

3. Card bump-scan

Similar to the framed scan above, this is a slightly more affordable version that will make a lovely gift for Daddy to be. Imagine if he doesn’t know about being a Dad yet??? What an amazing surprise that would be!

Love Up, £4.99

  1. ‘From The Bump’ Card

2. New-Dad-To-Be-Fathers-Day-Card-Joanne-Hawker_1024x1024@2x

Sometimes a little card can go a long way to making something special. Whilst there are millions out there, we liked this one.

Joanne Hawker, £3.25

gift from bump

We hope you enjoyed our Daddy To Be Gifts From Bump. Hopefully you will have found something to suit your Daddy To Be. If you have any gift ideas that should be on this list, don’t hesitate to let us know. We are always looking for ideas.

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