The Best Corporate Gift Ideas: When And How To Send Them

The Best Corporate Gift Ideas: When And How To Send Them

Best Corporate Gift Ideas

Gifts are common in the business world. They can be used for countless different reasons but ultimately the goal is the same, to facilitate more business. Today, more than ever before, business can be carried out without so much as a handshake. Email means that your team could be based on every continent and not even know what the other person looks like. As a result, the role of the corporate gift has even more value. We’ve put together our best corporate gift ideas, as well as some tips about when and how to send the best corporate gift.

Corporate gifts show a human side to business. Despite not knowing the people you are working with by sight, they are still human and sending a personal gift is a great way to convey the importance of that relationship. You may not always see the person, but it’s critical to still treat them as if you did.

Before starting out on deciding what’s the best corporate gift idea to choose, it’s important to establish exactly what you are trying to achieve. Perhaps the most obvious business gift is a thank you gift, but there are numerous other corporate gift opportunities that can help enhance and grow your business. 

When To Send The Best Corporate Gift

 Here are a few examples of when a client gift might be a good idea.

best corporate gift ideas
  1. To Say Thank You

Appreciation is rarely overdone. Business exists in a market place. There is always someone else waiting to take your place so it is always important to recognise that your client selected you. A small thank you gesture can really help set that business relationship in stone, and ensure they keep using you long into the future. 

Check out our ‘thank you’ chocolates here.

2. To Say Hello

The most common goal for businesses is to find more business. But how? If you say ‘mail shot’ or ‘cold call’ then not only are you like millions of others, but you also sit in, or very close to, the ‘spam’ category. Do you really want your business to be considered ‘spam’? An alternative, albeit a slightly more expensive option, is to send a small gift. In our experience, the best corporate gift ideas are the edible ones. It’s a trade off. In exchange for the delicious thing they have just received, the recipient has to consider your marketing materials. Don’t under estimate the psychological power of reciprocity. The recipient is predisposed to pay back the favour. Now, when you call, you have opening line, ‘did you receive our chocolates?’, which sounds so much better than ‘did you receive our marketing materials?’. 

best corporate gift
referral gift ideas

3. Referrals

Some, if not most, businesses rely on word of mouth to some extent. The power of a referral from a human being is worth its weight in gold because of the added level of trust provided by that friend or colleague. You know them and respect their views, so their recommendation must be a good one. It beats an advert or snappy digital campaign every single time. Business gifts can be used to facilitate referrals. Every time your existing client recommends you to someone new and they use you, a big hamper full of edible goodness is a simple but effective way to give them a warm positive feeling and ensure they keep recommending you.

win a gift

4. Employee gifts

As a business, your most valuable asset is your employees. Money is rarely the only motivation for working hard, so simply paying your employees isn’t enough. Employees need to feel valued. They need to know that the work they do does not go unnoticed and is appreciated. Feeling valued as an employee ranks higher than money every single time. Whether it be a company event, a small gift or simple compliment, it’s critical to constantly show your appreciation and can have a direct impact on the success of the business. Small gifts are an excellent way to put a smile on their face.  Also, if you don’t give your staff birthday gifts then you are missing a huge window of opportunity to show that you care.

business gift ideas
best corporate gift ideas

5. Apologies

If you make a mistake, the assumption is that you have lost that client for life. But often that isn’t the case. People are human. Apologising sincerely for your mistake can often turn people around. In fact, those customers often go on to become life long supporters and are much more likely to write a review. When you have made a mistake, you may have to bear the cost of a refund. Spending more money may seem counterintuitive, but a small business gift has been seen to turn customers into advocates, which will result in a much greater return on investment than when you started.

6. Corporate And Marketing Events

For anyone who has been to a large event and been handed a bag full of paper or a massive glossy magazine, you’ll know that this is an area that’s easy to get wrong, especially in a crowded atmosphere where a multitude of businesses are vying for your attention. The best corporate gift idea in this occasion is something that provides so much value, it can’t be ignored. Ask yourself, what does your customer always need or enjoy? Finding something small which everyone ‘needs’ and will use is always difficult (memory sticks were a good but now obsolete idea). As above, edible gifts are hard to ignore. For most people, a morsel of chocolate is hard to ignore. Ideally, they’ll be back home going over their day when out pops your chocolate complete with your message. 

corporate marketing chocolates
best corporate gift ideas

7. Client & Employee Birthdays, Special Moments & Holidays

Christmas is a typical time to send a corporate gift, and why not, it’s a great time of year where everyone relaxes and can perhaps indulge in something tasty. But the best corporate gift ideas are unexpected. If you know it’s your clients birthday, send them a present. Perhaps they had a baby? A gift that’s unexpected, personal and kind can have a massive impact. People respond to human moments when others show they care. Use your judgement here. You would only send a gift to someone who has had a baby if you know them well. If you are not well acquainted, your gesture could seem too much and backfire. 

8. Onboarding staff

When someone starts working at your company, you don’t point them to a desk in the corner and tell them to get on with it. Onboarding your new employee with energy and enthusiasm will go a long way for setting the standard of how your employee will perceive working for you and your business. A little fanfare, some enthusiasm and a small gift could be the difference between someone who sets out to do their best for the get go, and one who immediately underperforms.

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Our List Of The Best Corporate Gift Ideas

 Here some tips for how to send the best corporate gift. 

1. Personalise your gift. If you send 30 wine boxes to your clients without knowing that two don’t drink and one is more of beer drinker, you risk creating more of a negative experience rather than a positive one. Sometimes it's impossible to know the preferences of your business clients, in which case opt for something that is universally loved (like chocolate). At a minimum, use their names. A open ended present addresses to nobody isn’t really a gift at all. Don’t waste your money.

2. Don’t over do it. If your client spends £200 a year with you, then don’t send them an expensive gift. Often the best gestures are a small token of acknowledgement and appreciation. Many companies have strict gift giving policies. Anything over a certain financial threshold may constitute a breach of of the law.

3. Don’t just send gifts during the holiday season. For most companies, they reserve their client gifts for Christmas. Whilst there is obviously no harm in celebrating the holidays, you risk your corporate gift arriving at the same time as ten others, at which point it will immediately lose its value. Why not choose another well known special occasion and use it as inspiration for your business gifts. Or simply send them at a time of year when everyone cannot fail to take notice. Remember, business runs all year round. Not just at Christmas. 

4. Ensure the right message. Ultimately, the purpose of the gift is to assist in future business so make sure your gift facilitates that. If it’s a thank you, then make sure you say that, and follow it with an offer to help in the future. If you are hoping to acquire business, then ensure your sales pitch and call to action are clearly delivered. That being said, there is a fine line between hammering your marketing message home and gently suggesting a future engagement. The gift is the priority. Don’t ruin it by being pushy with your message.

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Our List Of The Best Corporate Gift Ideas

best corporate gift
  • A terrarium or succulent plant

Let’s face it, desks can be dreary places. A touch of ‘low maintenance’ greenery can have a really positive effect on the brain that your client will be grateful for. 

  • A hamper of goodness

Everyone loves a hamper. The best ones are ones that can be shared around the office. Just make sure they know who it is from. 

  • A restaurant voucher. 

In a big city, you can get hold of vouchers that can be exchanged at certain establishments. If you can’t take them out personally, then buying them lunch via a gift is a great way to show some appreciation. 

  • Water bottles

With our anti plastic ambitions, a branded water bottle is a great corporate gift that could become a constant part of their life, and that means that your brand will too. 

best business gift ideas
best business gift ideas
  • A chocolate message

Our company specialises in chocolate messages delivered in branded boxes. Whatever message you hope to get across, you can send it in delicious Belgian chocolate. It’s an affordable gift idea that can be both branded and cannot be ignored. Each chocolate is an individual letter, so every person in the office can have a piece and then give kudos to your company. Our boxes are perfect for birthdays, apologies, thank you’s and referrals. Click the contact page above to get more details. 

  • A seasonal item

If it’s winter, send a scarf. In April, send a brolly. In summer, send sunnies. If you provide value to someone’s life, they won’t forget you. Just keep the branding to a minimum. Nobody wants to walk around with your logo emblazoned across them.

  • A mug

Call it unoriginal, but we never knew a mug that couldn’t find a use. In tea and coffee obsessed nation, that mug will be picked up and shown around the office every day. It’s the cheapest advertising imaginable. Just make sure it’s a good mug!

best corporate gift
best corporate gift idea
  • A pen holder

Another underrated desk item. We prefer the ones that employ clever design rather than over branded pots.

  • Portable coffee cups

Much like water bottles, we should all be reusing our coffee cups to do out bit to minimise waste. A smart cup with a snappy message may find itself a regular on the work break trips to the coffee machine.

  • Power banks

This common choice wins on the practical side of things. If your marketing message relates to ‘recharging’ or ‘back up’ or ‘power’ then these are a winner. 

  • Shopping bags

Another one with a positive environmental message, shopping bags are a must have for every discerning citizen these days, or risk social exclusion for purchasing a plastic one. Simple, affordable and with loads of space for a good message.

best business gift idea

It’s always a good idea to show your clients your gratitude. If you take the time to send a corporate gift when they least expect it, you’ll stand out. For the best corporate gift ideas, don’t be over promotional, don’t be cheap and be creative. 

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