Personalised Chocolate Boxes - The Perfect Business Gift

Personalised Chocolate Boxes - The Perfect Business Gift

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Morse Toad can provide the perfect corporate gift solution. If you have something to say that is important to your business, what better way to say it than with personalised chocolate. 

We specialise in messages spelt out in irresistible Belgian chocolate letters. With each delicious letter, your message simply cannot be ignored. Better yet, each box can be shared around the office so that everyone knows where it came from and what was said.

Our small personalised chocolate boxes can contain either 3, 7 or 10 characters. These boxes are perfect for events, promotional items and small giveaways. Our larger personalised chocolate boxes contain either 22, 33 or 44 chocolate letters. This is our core product that allows you to customise both the chocolate message and the chocolate box. The boxes are designed specifically to fit through the letterbox so no trips to the Post Office.

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Hows It Made

Small Boxes - 3, 7 or 10 characters

  1. Provide us with your phrase, acronym
  2. Choose your packaging style

Large Box - 22, 33 or 44 chocolate characters

  1. Choose your chocolate message
  2. Provide a logo or photo to be printed on the box
  3. Provide a personal message to go inside the lid

Your Branding 

We’ve got that covered too. We can create a bespoke chocolate box for your marketing or promotional event that’s as individual as your company. For the smaller boxes, minimum orders apply, but ultimately you can design the box to look like whatever you want with as many chocolate letters as you want.

With our core product (the large box), we’ve introduced a customised chocolate box where the lid can be printed with your logo or image. The sides are plain white. The only representation of our company will be on the base of the box. Our boxes are made in-house by our team. This means that there are no minimum order quantities. You can order one, or one thousand. The lid of the box represents a blank canvas for your creativity. 

Our Chocolate

We know that a poor quality gift isn’t really a gift at all so we source the best quality Belgian chocolate ensuring that competition for the remaining chocolates in the box will be high. We have many hundreds of reviews on our website which can vouch for us. 

how to thank a client for their business
Each chocolate message is made by hand. We are a small team that take great pride in delivering our happy messages across the nation, and that pride will be reflected in the quality of the product that we send to your clients. Over the years we have served many different businesses, many of whom have returned again for further orders. Below are some of the use cases of our personalised chocolate. 

If you’re looking for a sample of one of our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

bespoke chocolate boxes
corporate gift idea for employees

Quick easy and perfect for my business x

by Lisa at Travel Counsellors

creative client gifts

Referrals And Repeat Business

Referrals still represent the bread and butter of almost all businesses. Most websites have review software which is, in essence, a form of referral. But the best kind are the personal kind. Gifts are a classic way to overdeliver on your service. They’re a small investment that can pay back ten fold by really making your client go ‘Wow, that was unexpected’. We all know, if a client goes ‘Wow’, they tell people about it. 

Example - Travel 

Many businesses use our gifts to ‘Wow’ their clients. After the invoice has been paid and the service has been completed, customers often move on with their lives. A well timed gift can ensure that your business is still top of mind. A well know travel agency send gifts to their clients just as they get back from holiday. When they’re asked about their holiday, you can ensure that they will mention who arranged it.

Example - Mortgage Broker

Another of our clients regularly sends a chocolate box to their clients on the completion of their house purchase. It ensures that the clients first delivery in their new house is one to be remembered, and that they tell their friends and family all about it. Each time they send a personalised chocolate box, they use a previously agreed discount code.

Example - Estate Agents

Buying a home is a significant moment in anyone’s life that can take some time and be incredibly stressful. When all documents have been signed and the keys handed over, the estate agent may wish to congratulate their client. Our chocolate business gifts make a unique way to make their first delivery through their new front door. Complete with a picture of their new house and a chocolate message declaring ‘Welcome To Your New Home’, you can be sure your client will be talking about you to their friends and family.


A number of companies put a great emphasis on ensuring the first day of their new employees is positive and full of energy. It’s critical that a new employee gets the right first impression of what the company is about, how it operates and its culture. When a lot of time is invested into that first day, the employee is likely to return that energy by starting their work with the same level of effort. An employee that is shown a desk and handed the company health and safety policy is unlikely to start work with enthusiasm.

welcome to the team gift

Example - Tech 

One client chose to place a box of each new employee with ‘welcome to the team’ in chocolate and their team photo printed on the box. Inside,  a personal printed message full of excitement about them joining the company. It was a friendly onboarding gift and gave the perfect introduction for other team members to come and say hello (and snaffle a piece).

Was great easy and fast service. My customer loves their deliver and I’ll be using them again soon.

by Kim at Travel Counsellors

client christmas gift


If there was one time of year to send a business gift, then Christmas would be it. It represents a perfect opportunity to thank all of your clients for their continued business throughout the year. A client Christmas gift lets them know that you don’t take their business for granted. However, finding the perfect business gift at Christmas time can be a challenge. You need something that both represents your brand, stands out from the crowd and is enjoyed by the recipients. Fortunately, our Christmas chocolate boxes never fail to put smiles on faces. With each letter being it’s own piece of chocolate, there will be enough for everyone to have a piece and you can be sure your business will be discussed as each piece is enjoyed. 

Example - Professional Services

For many professional service companies, business with their clients is ongoing. Christmas represents a chance to celebrate the ongoing relationship and to show clients that they appreciate the work. Our corporate chocolate gifts always stand out from the crowd at Christmas, partly due to the full branding ensuring the source of the gift is known, but also due to the creative input of the senders. Many companies sent ‘Christmas team photos’ as the print on the box. If you’re looking for a gift that shows the human side of business, then a fun Christmas photo of the team is a great option.

Great company, great products, great knowledge and customer service!

by Laura at Your Business Angels

Marketing Events

Our smaller chocolate boxes make perfect compliments to events. We’ve all experienced a giveaway or a goodie bag at an event. Standing out can be a challenge. With our 3, 7 or 10 letter boxes, we know this will be the highlight of their selection. Everyone loves chocolate, especially personalised chooclate. Alternatively, use our boxes as chocolate place names at your event. Not only can you organise your table, but provide a treat at the same time. Finally, if you’re looking for a large number of thank you’s for your staff or clients, often a large personalised chocolate gift won’t suit the budget. Fortunately, our smaller boxes are priced between £1.95 and £3.25 making them a more affordable option, especially in bulk. 

promotion chocolates

Example - Car Dealership

One of our favourite uses of our product so far, a client contacted us about getting the registration numbers of new car purchases delivered in chocolate. Each new car owner receives the chocolates with their new keys.

Example - Annual Sponsorship Event

A typical example of use of our product is to promote your business at your event by including your business name in chocolates that are either handed out individually or left on the table. One client went as far as customising every box with the name of every attendee.

Example - Corporate Training Days

These days, team building exercises are taken very seriously. From rally driving to boat building, there are countless organisations out there that specialise in running engaging and interesting events. One of our clients uses our small chocolate boxes to hand out as prizes. Each gold box has the chocolate word ‘WINNER’ inside.

welcome chocolates

Hospitality and Hotels

It’s those little gestures that can make all the difference. Even now, a chocolate on the pillow can put a smile on your face. Our personalised chocolates take that gesture, and add something personal to it. A simple ‘Welcome’ can do just that. Welcome your guests.

Example - Local hotel

A local hotel to us gives away a going away bag to their guests when they leave as a thank you for staying. Each one contains a small ‘thank you’ chocolate box. It sends a powerful positive message to the guest as they leave.

Staff Motivation

If you want your team to work hard for you day in day out, it's important to let them know you appreciate their efforts on a regular basis. You don't need to spend huge amounts. A small staff thank you gift is all it takes. Fortunately, our chocolate boxes can be personalised with a printed message. 

Example - Events Company

A client pushed their team to the brink in order to meet the deadline of a major event they were running. After the many long days, each team member was presented with a gift box including our personalised chocolates to say thank you.

staff thank you gifts

branded corporate gift

Company Communication

You're merging! The business is moving! You're launching into a new sector! Whatever the occasion, i f there's a business communication where you want to generate some enthusiasm and energy, then a branded corporate gift is a great way to do share your message.

Example - Digital Marketing Company

A client merged with a similar European business with locations all over the continent. Morse Toad sent the announcement to all the many offices declaring the big news which in turn generated a lot of social media activity.

Example - Office Move

A client moved their entire operation to a new office. On every new desk was the name of each employee in yummy Belgian chocolate. It was a small gesture during a challenging office move that will have added a smile to everyone's face. 

customer service apology statements

Turn your angry customer into your greatest advocate.

business thank you gift

Let your team or clients know you appreciate them.

Thank You’s

To some extent we’ve covered this already, but gratitude deserves its own section. Appreciation is critical in business. If you are seen not to appreciate the business you are given, you can be sure the next person in line will be. And yet a gesture need not break the bank. It’s simply a matter of cost. If a client is spending over a few hundred pounds each time, then a £10 to £15 gesture is a small but effective way to let your client know you appreciate the work.


These days, apologies are big business. It has been proven that a ‘wronged’ customer that is dealt with appropriately can turn around to become the greatest advocate. Many people who don’t normally write reviews, do write one after their problems have been solved. Making a small gesture can be the difference between a lost customer and a brand advocate. Worst case scenario, a personalised chocolate gift will encourage the customer from bad mouthing you to their friends and family. 

How To Order

If you’re looking for a personalised chocolate box to give to your clients as a corporate gift, do get in touchand we can provide you with a quote. 

We offer a full solution to your needs. If sending to multiple clients, we need the following information in a spreadsheet. 

  1. Chocolate Message
  2. Personal Printed Message - goes inside the lid
  3. Name
  4. Company
  5. Address 1
  6. Address 2
  7. City 
  8. Postcode
  9. Country

Please also provide a high resolution image or logo that will cover 150mm to 120mm. 


We've helped many different clients with corporate gifts. Our personalised chocolates for business present a blank canvas for your business message. All that is left is your creativity.

I’ve loved working with Morse Toad as a way of rewarding our customers. From a special thank you message to a sincere congratulations, we’re always looking for small ways to surprise and delight our members on Virgin Red. Morse Toad has been a simple and flexible solution to our needs and it doesn’t hurt that the product itself tastes delicious too!

by Emily at Virgin Red

We were delighted with the Morse Toad chocolates, which we gave everyone at the end of our annual conference to reinforce our theme. The packaging is lovely, and the opportunity to add a personalised card insert was a welcome addition, and of course it was important that the chocolates tasted great too.

by Louise at Tarmac

We often use Morse Toad to send gifts and the chocolates have always been gratefully received. Morse Toad have always been efficient, courteous, and fantastic to deal with, and we highly recommend their service.

by Adele at Lexoo

We decided to send these chocolates to our corporate clients and they were really happy

by Luis Canelada at Sheraton
personalised chocolates for business

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