10 First Day at School Gift Ideas That Kids Will Love

10 First Day at School Gift Ideas That Kids Will Love

Are you looking for first day at school gift ideas? Whether your kids are starting big school for the very first time, heading off to high school (where does the time go?!) or just going back to school after disrupted and slightly confusing 18 or so months, we’ve got 11 ideas for first day at school gifts that they’re sure to love.

Starting a new school year can throw off even the most confident of kids, and that’s especially true during the ongoing pandemic, when children have often had to adapt quickly to new ways of working, whether it’s the stress (or joy) of home schooling, social distancing in the playground, or following convoluted one way systems around school.

Our first day at school gift ideas will ease the stress for children starting or going back to school alike, soothe any last minute wobbles, spread love and comfort, and boost confidence meeting new teachers and friends. Whether you’re celebrating that very first day or a great first week, read on to find our top 10 first day at school gift ideas for all kinds of kids.

10 First Day at School Gift Ideas

A Hug From Badge

Best For Wobblers

If your little one is feeling a bit wobbly at the thought of heading off to school, this A Hug From … enamel badge from Clara & Macy will be a comforting reminder that mum and dad are never far away, and it comes with a personalised keepsake card too. (Worried about that pin? They do a woven version too, perfect for sewing inside a coat or blazer.)


Magic Themed Notebook

Best for witches and wizards

These magic themed notebooks from Literary Emporium are ideal for anyone who’s putting up with Muggle school while still waiting for their letter from Hogwarts (it must be on its way – owl post has been very slow recently). Quill and ink not included.


Sequin pencil case


Best for fiddlers

Some children listen best when their hands are occupied, and this super glam personalised sequin pencil case from Meenymineymo is great for inobtrusive fiddling. Ideal for mini fashionistas too.



Pen-top erasers


Best for perfectists perfectionists

Making mistakes isn’t just inevitable, it’s an amazing opportunity to learn. This cute bag of brightly coloured pen-top erasers from Bread & Jam comes in a cute drawstring back with the important reminder that it’s okay to make mistakes.



Merit patches for enquiring minds

Best for questioners

If your child’s favourite word is WHY then celebrate their fascination with the world around them with this stunning set of merit patches for enquiring minds from Mims and Family. Whether they’re a Finder Outer, a Question Asker or an Idea Factory, you can put together the perfect combination.



Guitar shaped lunch box


Best for music lovers

Is your kid just filling time at school before taking the music world by storm and heading off on tour? Let them strut their stuff in the school canteen with this guitar case lunch box from Suck UK – it even comes with a set of stickers for true rockstar cachet.



Parrot Street Book Club

Best for bookworms

If your little one loves nothing better than curling up with a good book, treat them to a book subscription from Parrot Street Book Club. You can buy as a one off or set up an ongoing subscription, each book comes with a customised activity set to stimulate discussion and further exploration, and you can pick a level appropriate to your child’s reading age.



Bag charms

Best for individuals

Help your kid’s bookbag stand out from the rest of the pile with these sweet personalised bag charms. You can pick your child’s favourite colour and add their name or other text of your choice, so they never bring home the wrong bag again.



Support notes ideal for lunchboxes


Best for ongoing support

Sometimes it’s a marathon, not a sprint. These gorgeous notes from Bearsy and the Boy can be tucked into lunch boxes, pencil cases or coat pockets any day your child needs a little extra support or an extra smile. They’re double sided, beautifully illustrated, oh and wipeable too.



Chocolate hug from Morse Toad

Best for – well – everyone

What’s the only thing better than a hug? A chocolate hug, obviously. Our chocolate hug is compact enough to fit through a letter box and is the perfect pick me up at the end of that first stressful day or week, sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Want more delicious chocolatey inspiration? Check out our full Back to School collection here.



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